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Supply Chain Management

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How To Prepare For Operations & Supply Chain Roles In A B-School

Operations and Supply Chain Management is not a domain opted by many. However, with changing times, the implication that this field has is certainly immense with no alternative. Coming to

I Was Wrong About Having It All Figured Out In My B-school, Nupur Arora, Supply Chain Head, Nestle

A NITIE graduate, Nupur Arora realized that Supply Chain is where she wants to see herself working in. But, that did not come easy. Although she initially thought that she

10 Certifications To Be Job Ready In The Post COVID 19 Economy

Deferred internships and PPOs, as well as delayed college terms, mean you have plenty of time to learn something. All and sundry have been telling you to upskill yourself in

I Declined Goldman Sachs For H&M, Ft. Mayank Agarwal, Ex Deloitte, Uber, IIM L

Right after his engineering degree, Mayank Agarwal got placed in a company where he learned the basics of Supply Chain Management. In his four years that he spent in the

What Makes IIM Ahmedabad India's Best B-school Ft. Prof. Debjit Roy, Professor Of The Year 2020

Teaching for over 8 years at IIM Ahmedabad, there is one thing that Prof. Debjit Roy can proudly say, ‘students at IIM A can really see the bigger picture'. And

IIM A Professor's Advice On Courses To Take To Ace A Career In Operations

Prof. Debjit Roy (IIM A) did his PhD from the University of Wisconsin and while he was doing his research, he worked extensively in understanding the trucking system in India.

IIM A Prof. On How COVID-19 is Affecting Supply Chain Ft. Debjit Roy | Professor Of The Year

‘Future of supply chain is embracing digital', says the InsideIIM Professor of the Year 2020, Prof. Debjit Roy from IIM Ahmedabad. Amidst the global lockdown, Prof. Roy is currently practicing

How Supermarkets Plan Inventory | Learning IRL BY ABGLP

Do you aspire to a career in supply chain and operations? If yes, one of the biggest opportunities open to you involve working in an industry manufacturing industry grade products.