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While My Colleagues Were Climbing Corporate Ladders, I Decided To Climb The Mighty Everest, Ft. Hemant Gupta, TSAF

Not all paths lead to the same destination. Some take you to the goal that you set for yourself. An IIT Bombay graduate, Hemant Gupta realized that he did not

My Delivery Date Was Due In 4 Days From Writing My B-school Entrance Exam, Ft. Sanchita Gupta, Tata Steel HRBP

Imagine going for your b-school entrance examination 4 days prior to delivering a child! And continuing studies at a b-school to achieve the career goals you have set out for

Unfolding Secrets Of Bagging PPO During Internship || Vishakha Sharma, Tata Steel

We have with us Ms Vishakha Sharma from MDI Gurgaon. She is an alumnus of Indira Gandhi Technical University. She is a music enthusiast. She is currently one of the

How Steel Has Become A Part Of Our Lives? Take This Quiz To Know More

Steel has transformed human lives over the centuries. From the very first utility of making agricultural and hunting tools, steel in the present days has ventured into our household needs.

Don’t Compare Yourself With Others When You Start Your Corporate Career, Ft. Arushi Sood, Tata Steel

We often tend to forget our inner strengths and give in to peer pressure or insecurities over the success of others. In a crisis situation like the one we are

A Gateway To Learning - Tata Steel's Management Trainee Program - Chandra Sekhar Gandroju, IIM Shillong

In the midst of the extended lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of students with their campus placements and PPOs are eagerly waiting to join their firms. InsideIIM

How Is Operations And Supply Chain Changing During COVID 19? Take This Quiz To Know More!

During this global coronavirus pandemic, one area that is severely affected is supply chain management. Ever since the breakout of the virus, the world has suffered a lot due to

I Realized That Success Is A Continuous Process, Ft. Gaurav Lakhani, IIM Shillong

Accepting failures and moving on in life is something that is never taught in any school while growing up. For IIM Shillong student Gaurav Lakhani, dealing with one such failure