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The Ultimate Reading List To Take Your VARC Prep To The Next Level! By XAT 99.73 %iler

Let's be real. The Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC) section of CAT, XAT and other MBA entrance exams can be really tricky. More so if English is not your

How To Improve Consistency In Verbal Section - Things That Helped Me Scored 99.9+ Twice In VA

The following are two frequently asked questions about the CAT Verbal Ability section:

How I Achieved 99.29%ile In CAT 2020 Despite Weak VARC Ft. Sidra Nasir Khan, FMS

Sidra Nasir Khan scored a 99.29%ile on CAT 2020. A fresher engineer from MANIT, Sidra was weak at VARC when she started out. Yet she did not allow her weak

From Struggling With VARC To An IIM | How A Commerce Grad Scored 99+ile And Cracked IIM L

Archit Kapoor scored a 99.28%ile on CAT despite struggling with VARC during the initial days of his preparation as well during his mock test phase. While initially he would be

Easiest Way To Prepare For Reading Comprehension

In this article, I will discuss with you the method I followed when I was preparing for CAT to prepare for the VARC section.

“People Ignore Me But I Can Be The Game Changer” – Yours Truly, Verbal Section

The verbal section is usually taken very lightly. People tend to focus more on quants and DI & LR and think the verbal can be handled easily. But there is

Last-Mile VA-RC Tips And Strategies || AMA With Aishwarya Nair, IIM B '22

CAT is around the corner and with just a few weeks to go, you must be worried about the final prep. The pressure to perform remains immense during this time

5 Articles You Must Read To Ace The VA-RC Section In CAT 2020 | Ft. Amrita Mishra, IIM C

VARC is one of the most scoring section. But most scoring is not equivalent to being the easiest. A lot of people struggle with this section because of Reding Comprehensions