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How To Attempt The Tough RC Questions Of CAT 2019? | VARC ACER | CAT VARC

The VARC section of CAT 2019 is considered to be one of the toughest to date as it was a turning point in the way CAT sets questions. The way

This Is How You Should Approach Tough RCs To Score Well In CAT' 22 | VARC ACER

The VARC section in the CAT exam has been breaking the back of aspirants due to its level of difficulty. The easiest hack to deal with the section and ace

How Lawn Tennis Helped Me Improve My VARC Score From 64%ile To 97%ile

What the hell? How dumb this writer is? I know, it feels like that. I can totally relate. But what if I told you this is the truth.

From 56 Percentile To 97 Percentile In VARC | Overcoming A Dreadful Horror Of An Engineer!

VARC has been a trouble maker for most of the engineers out there. I was not any exception. In my previous attempt of CAT 2019, I scored a meagre 56

How A 99+%iler Reads A Tricky CAT 2020 Reading Comprehension

A lot about how well you do on a CAT level reading comprehension can depend upon how you comprehend it when you read it. Since reading lies at the centre

The Ultimate Reading List To Take Your VARC Prep To The Next Level! By XAT 99.73 %iler

Let's be real. The Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC) section of CAT, XAT and other MBA entrance exams can be really tricky. More so if English is not your

How To Improve Consistency In Verbal Section - Things That Helped Me Scored 99.9+ Twice In VA

The following are two frequently asked questions about the CAT Verbal Ability section:

How I Achieved 99.29%ile In CAT 2020 Despite Weak VARC Ft. Sidra Nasir Khan, FMS

Sidra Nasir Khan scored a 99.29%ile on CAT 2020. A fresher engineer from MANIT, Sidra was weak at VARC when she started out. Yet she did not allow her weak