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‘I Dreaded Playing Basketball, As I Was A Tiny Tot’ - Junasha Caldeira, State Level Basketball Player from XIMR

We bring to you an interview with Junasha Caldeira, Sports Star of Xavier Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai College (2014-16)

'Falling Oil Prices - Who’s losing, Who’s Gaining'

Prices of crude oil have tumbled more than 60% in last 9 months, mostly due to a slowdown in 3 largest oil importing countries- The US, China & India. This

'Inflation: From The Perspective Of Government, Investors, Industries, Consumers, Policy Makers And The Economy' - Finance With Chinmay

Inflation is a highly debated phenomenon among the media, government, policymakers and economists. While investors and consumers expect zero inflation, government and central banks need inflation to keep the economy going.

Fast Track Batches In Professional Education - Insights From Pranil

It wouldn’t be wrong or unfair even to the extent of generalizing that the purpose of professional education is reduced to merely getting a job. While for a very small

Doing What Interests Me, Is Paying - An Entrepreneur In The Making

When I was 10, I was called to organize the Annual Get together party for my own residential society. I was allotted Rs. 5000 and was asked to buy Party-favors (take-away),

Pursuit Of Excellence - Insights From Pranil

Excellence could be argued to be the toughest amongst all virtues to pursue, for the simple reason there is no ULTIMATE in excellence. The goal post keeps going further once

Being A Single Child A Bliss

Today I happened to speak to someone, when he came to know I was an only child, his first reaction was “ooooh the spoilt pampered one ha?” . This is