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Divya Dugar

Well-written article, but somewhere in the article you missed out on saying that it is TISS is special as a school because it does not fall into the category of a B-school, though the salary packages offered to HRM students is surely similar, often higher, than those offered at B-schools. It is a school that forces a certain grounded-ness, a certain humility in one's character, which is the mark of any good human being. The foundation courses force one to understand and challenge the ingrained cultural mindset and, since the teachers themselves are so passionate about social change, commit to eradicating the social malpractices. The history wall that one sees on the right hand wall in the old campus boasts about the feats in the social sector its students have been a part of since the school's inception. For them, salary is just a by-product of what 2 years at TISS makes them. ;) Also, one must not forget that HR Directors of most billion dollar companies in India are from TISS. Life in TISS isn't easy - nobody said that - but it isn't that difficult either. It teaches one to learn, unlearn and relearn in an atmosphere that is conducive to make one think about life beyond the salary package. It gives you wings and encourages you to fly as high as you want/can; simply put, it is an experience of a lifetime.

21 Nov, 2013 |

Abhishek Chopra

Thanks for your comment, Divya. I infer that you are an alumnus. I completely agree with what you state. Just that I wanted to leave it for the imagination of the readers. All I wanted to do was make them aware of what goes into the TISS experience. What comes out is what you make of it. :)

21 Nov, 2013 |

prashant kumar

sir i got 45% in class 10,12 and b.a.- 56 % in grduation....is it affect my selection in hrmlr (tiss)?

13 Oct, 2014 |

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Abhishek Chopra

Hi Prashant. Past acads are not considered to be a disadvantage at the time of admissions, formally speaking. Having said that, it doesn't hurt to have good marks. They do matter quite a bit when it comes to placements for this course. Hope that helps.

10 Nov, 2015 |

Sumit Kumar


27 May, 2015 |

srishti bhatnagar

Hi. how is the course of MA in criminology and justice as well as ecology, environment and sustainable development?

8 Nov, 2015 |

Abhishek Chopra

Hi Srishti. I am not very aware about the courses you mention. Would suggest that you read up the brochure for what all it entails and find some current students / alumni to know their experiences. Having said that, since it is a TISS course, I'm quite confident that it must be a high quality course grounded in practical exposure, much like the HR course I have tried to describe.

10 Nov, 2015 |

vd agastee

Thank you sir,really helpful review,but I want to know that apart from professional studies is their any recreational stuff,e.g.gym,cultural activities, sports etc.

17 Nov, 2015 |

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Abhishek Chopra

Yes, there is a Gymkhana and sports, cultural activities etc. happen throughout the year. Having said that, these areas could probably improve quite a bit.

17 Nov, 2015 |

Anushka Goel

Sir, being a science graduate following are my choices , I want to know which one would you advice to be the best among the following three courses with reasons for the same ? 1) M.A. / M.Sc. in Climate Change and Sustainability Studies (Mumbai Campus) 2) M.A. in Development Studies (Mumbai Campus) 3) M.A. / M.Sc. in Sustainable Livelihoods & Natural Resources Governance (Tuljapur Campus)

7 Dec, 2015 |

Tannu Priya

Hello abhishekh chopra There are no of courses offerd in M.A...nd i'm cnfuse btwn those..that which course should i opt..since i'm a arts stud & rit now persuing pol.sci honours !

27 May, 2016 |

Aditi Narendra

Sir, Does a gap of an year after graduation matters?How difficult is to get through the interview and gd.?

23 Jul, 2016 |

Bsb Vamsi

How is development studies in TISS MUMBAI? It's placements and future scope?

8 Jan, 2017 |