The Dawn Of Marketing!

My journey in SJMSOM has helped me prove to my self that it is possible to push every boundary I had set in my head.  SOM has proved that every doubt you have in your head can be overcome. It is just a matter believing in yourself and ‘just do it’ attitude and always keeping in your mind that Deadlines are Sacrosanct.

It all began with an instinct that I should opt for Finance. I started working towards it and enthusiastically participating in everything that was related to finance. I was ruthlessly taken down like a Titanic by the enormous content and endless terms of Finance. I was on the verge of losing hope having lost all direction. But thanks to 4P’s assignment that proved to be a savior.

Now, 4P is the basic of Marketing nothing over the top one might say. But our Professors have their own way of making things so interesting. 4P assignment with a product that you have made yourself! I was blown away by the idea of creating something on your own, conducting a research, and marketing it to generate sales. Creating 1 product was way too cliché and so we ended up creating a brand-Seiton with 3 different products. It was a hit and a new starting point for me. I knew then and there that Marketing has and always will be my first love.

This roller-coaster ride eventually led me to MarkTrix club, I got to learn new things and discovering new avenues like digital marketing, B2B, B2P Marketing. We pride ourselves on the legacy of conducting best Continuum (Industry-Stalwarts’ series) of SOM. I got to interact with some of the best marketers and get to know how a few internet breaking advertisements were conceptualized. I also realized that it is not just about fancy advertisements, it is about creating a BRAND. The thought process that goes into making a brand reach out to its consumers and win their hearts is mind-boggling. To understand how impactful brands are, we released BrandStruck’18 National level competition where participants had to propose to a brand on Valentine’s day. It was a hit and participants poured their heart out telling us why they love a brand with some catchy posters. Marketing has taught me to answer every question every why and how. If you are able to justify why a product campaign will be successful and How a product will gain best ROI, then there is no stopping you. You just need to ask the right questions and answers will fall into place. Marketing equips you with tools and models you need to conduct research make sense out of the data and make best decisions out of it.

True marketeer’s potential lies in his ability to make the best out of the worst at right time and at the right place. I am happy that my journey in Marketing is just a start, to what I believe will turn out to be a super interesting career.


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