The Future Of Shopping – Strategy With RS

Shoppers love to shop.

And when it comes to shopping for a dress, they wish to try on as many as possible before finalising the one/s to buy.

But trying on multitude of dress is extremely cumbersome & enervating experience.

Shoppers Stop realising this ‘pain point’ of its shoppers decided to leverage technology to reduce it.
It has launched an Augmented Reality based Dressing room.

This room contains a Magic Mirror in which a shopper can ‘view’ herself adorned in new dress along with the accessory – without having to physically try them on.

View the reference CISCO video below. (Disclosure: This may not the solution which Shopper’s Stop has implemented.)

Business Lesson for us?

1. Identify Customer ‘Pain’ points.
2. Devise a solution, which will either reduce or eliminate them.
3. Explore the possibility of using technology in both identifying & then drawing up plan to either reduce & / or eliminate them.





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Its great to see the growth of new technologies but there are a lot of customer needs when it comes to trying clothes which I call “feelers” such as comfort in the fabric, how it feels to wear it, etc.

Rajesh Srivastava

Harshad you have a point. This technology can help shoppers short list & then they can try ‘physically’ try the shortlisted options. It will be more convenient.