The Interview Saga – SPJIMR Mumbai

2015 is the year that had really changed the way I perceive the world and this is the year that will change the world’s perception for me in the forthcoming years.

Last year, I studied like ridiculously 11 hours a day to crack one of the most coveted entrance exams in India, the MBA entrance! No doubt, I screwed up my CAT by getting only 87 percentile though the exam was much simpler. But, I scored a whopping awesome score of 99 percentile in SNAP and 98 percentile in XAT and I got calls accordingly.

So, this is my tale of the interview I gave for the college that finally enriched my life. No doubt, I cherished each and every interview of mine and never want to lose any memory of it.

3rd Feb’ 2015 when in my life I was going to face my first MBA interview, SP Jain institute of Management and Research, which is one of the top ten colleges in India. I got up at 6 to catch my metro train and nervousness was what I could feel till the bottom of my veins. I reached YMCA well on time and started with verification of documents. And what had I done! I had forgotten my Original achievement certificates and she refused to schedule my WAT or my interview without it. It took me too much patience and smiles to convince the lady that my father will be getting that for me and till then she can verify from my photocopied ones. I maintained my calm, was not nervous and pulled it through without any other soul knowing about it.

Started with WAT. It had several psychometric questions and their explanations. Then we had to write our views on “It is not the survival of the fittest but the survival of the most co-operative in today’s world”. After that, the most crucial step – Group Interview one which is an eliminating round. I had to give in my best. I was accompanied by 5 male members which I thought might be good to make a very lasting impression. That might give me an edge. (Sorry for being sexist). It started off very nice. To the extreme left was a pretty and very quiet lady, followed by an old man who used to get bored easily. To the extreme right was a fun loving lady who did most of the talking. We started off with the typical “About me” question and then proceeded to E-commerce! And yes! That was where I was pro. I have worked into it, I know about the stuff. I jumped in without being asked by taking their permission and it went off pretty cool. The questions continued with AAP-BJP fight. At a personal level, I was being questioned about my dance, who is more prominent – the performer or the behind the scene guys. The question I thought that made me stand tall was when the pretty lady asked about how about starting a new venture. From the group of 6, with 5 male members, I was the only one passionate about doing it my own and doing it with a bang. They were immensely impressed with no disrespect to other 5 males! What the professor replied there – “The males, in their prime ages, want to enjoy the luxury of working in an MNC and a lady is here has the courage to leave the luxurious confines of an office and start her own!” It is like I attribute a lot to the other 5 people sitting there who made it look pretty huge! Haha! So, that was it.

The results were announced and along with other two guys, I was selected for the group interview 2.

That happened quite quickly. The other participants who had been in this position earlier told it is going to be tough. We were being interviewed by the dean himself. I was swept under my feet. I maintained my calm and just stopped my thought process. Here also, I was the only one female among 5 males. Entering inside, it went as the easiest interview I have faced or will ever face till today. About me, do you pray, whom do you love more mother or father, why SP Jain. That’s it!

I was dumbstruck. Had we performed so badly? I couldn’t make out if it was good or bad! It was just nothing. Nothing could be decided by that interview.

At last, there was a personality development test, which I thought I will get as “Confused”. Well, that’s like me being a typical Libran. We use both our minds and hearts beautifully and that was what happened that time. Half my answers went towards heart and half towards the brain.


  So, was happy and confused!


About the Author:

Shagun Maheshwari

SPJIMR, 2015-2017