Three CAT Attempts And An IIM Admit – Keep Calm And Never Give Up

”You are not down until you decide you are down”

I guess by now you would have already understood what I have got to say? Did you? Awesome, then we are on the right track. I will not bore you with a long, longer, longest story, rather a short one.

Let me tell you my own story here, I have attempted CAT thrice, trust me it is really very hard after the second attempt, ┬ábut after your first attempt, people say, “ah no problem man it was just your first attempt, people give two attempts”, they console you, your mom and dad also are very supportive.

Now you are full of vigour and after rigorous practices, sleepless night of practicing all those Quant, DI and verbal, ah you are now starting to even dream about it, actually you wake up in the middle of your dream screaming that you got 78 percentile in your AIMCAT, I understand, I completely understand your feeling, and finally the D-day arrives, full of enthusiasm you write your CAT for the second time and you come out of the hall all happy inside, but you announce to the world as if you did not do well, but in your inside you are happy and excited that yes, this time it is.

Now comes the most cherished part of relaxing and waiting for your result. As and when the result day nears, you actually start to think that yes that is it, but then comes the result ah, you scored 96 in Quant 96 in DI and 65 in verbal, overall 92 percentile. the result shatters every bit of you that you can possibly imagine.As this was not enough, your entire world around you knows about your aim that you were preparing for cat and you are even more tested when they ask you, “what happened? you cleared?”, for which you give a faint smile, with hell lot of agony hiding behind your faint smile.

You go into a mini depression, but somewhere deep inside you hear your voice saying that you can still do it, let’s try once more. This time the entire world is against you, you mom and dad say, “Son, some times not everyone has what it takes to get into IIM”, face it, but ask yourself, if again your heart says yes, do not give up, neither did I, I put in my efforts, made up my mind and started preparing once more, just a note, I had a 9 to 6 job working as a Software Engineer, and travel time was approximately 2 hours of bike ride one way, usually I arrived home at 9 pm, after having my dinner, I used to practice till 2 am or 3 am.

Seeing the efforts that you put in, your surrounding changes, everyone starts to support you, because they simply love you, the D-day arrives and after a gruelling 3 months you learn through the scorecard available to be downloaded from the CAT website, that you have finally made it and cracked CAT. That is an awesome feeling.

My dear friends, this was my story but the line always remains – the efforts that you put in is never wasted, it is getting accumulated and it will help you in immense measures one day when you need it the most.

So never give up, keep your calm and give in your best, the CAT is after all your and only you can bell it.

PS – Your entire world around you is actually happier for you than you yourself. Just a hint, you experience it yourself.


Mohan S

Mohan is currently pursuing his post graduation program in management from IIM,Rohtak. A diverse person and a true indian with ability to speak 5 different Indian languages having 5.5 years of experience in IT sector.



Mohan Sri

yes vishnu, there are many, you can keep tract of many a websites like Inside IIM and pagalguys where you will find groups and you can join with them.


If you don’t give up on something you truly believe in, you will find a way and you u just proved it. All the best….

Vishnu Priya

Excellent Mohan!!!
You did it. Keep up the spirit. You are inspiring many people which is an Awesome job. I am so happy and would like to see many great acheivements on your way.
Good Job.

Sathya Berigai

Congrats Mohan. I know you have been waiting for along time to get into IIM and the taste of success is second to none !
I am sure you would do pretty good as you have worked hard to achieve what you dreamed ..

Proud to be your bro!!! Good luck mate and take care.


Nitin Tyagi

Really great effort Mohan.
I know the feelings of not clearing any exam. Doing it third time is really very hard. You need peace of mind, good concentration to achieve and that’s what you did.
Very inspiring. Good luck.

Snigdha Jain

I am going through the same phase now… Will be giving my third attempt but I am so fickle with my emotions as my score surges up and down continuously. I have not given up but seems like somewhere within I am getting weaker day by day


awesome, so inspiring, and what a motivating line ,the efforts that you put in is never wasted, it is getting accumulated and it will help you in immense measures one day when you need it the most.