Unique Experience At IIM Shillong – A Trek To Begin With

The induction process got over and
academic calendar was about to begin. Before that we, the whole batch had the experience of going to beautiful trek on the hills and forest of Meghalaya, which was organised by college administration.

We started the journey by 530 in the morning. While we left college, I was very excited about the trip as it was the first time that I was going for the trek after coming to Shillong. As I had heard about the beauty of this region, I was anxious to visit these places.

While we were going to the Mawphlang sacred grove, the road was full of excitement as the natural scenery that I witnessed, had put me out of words to explain.

When we reached to the Mawphlang sacred grove, we were introduced to the forest by Mr. Tambor Lyngdoh-President of Mawphlang Sustainable Tourism Societies, who had also been a guide to the Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi during his visit to the forest. He gave us the insights about the forest. And he told about various rituals of the local group, the variety of fauna present there, how nature provides us with valuable resources and different sustainable practices used by tribes to preserve the forest.

Then we were taken to the forest by a guide. He explained the importance of the different trees present in the forest. When I was going through the forest, the incessant rain was always there to accompany us, but the dense forest gave us the shelter from the rain. We also visited the sacred sites of the tribe. The sites included the place where the tribe head sits. The place where they sacrifice animals. And a rudraksha tree where Hindu people pray. Then we came out of the forest we had our breakfast.

Then we went to the dam site. I was astonished by the amount of the water there. Continuous rain, flowing water the real beauty of nature was in front of us.

After that, we travelled to Lingyong. Then we had our lunch at the shore of the riverside. I was completely in love with the beauty of nature. Then I started our trekking after lunch. Initially, it was a straight road, but after a few minutes, it became difficult as the slipperiness of the road started to trouble us. After an adventurous hour, we reached the top of the mountain. I was feeling very energetic seeing the scenery and smelling the clean air. Then we went to the cave area where there were footprints of animals. The beauty of nature was so astonishing that I thought to remain there for rest of the day. Then while returning, we traced the water streams to go to the village. The finally we reached the bus and started our journey back.

It was a journey of the lifetime. The beauty of nature. The scenery. Everything.

Although I was travelling and trekking for almost 12 hours from the morning, after reaching the campus, I was more energetic and enthusiastic than I was in the morning. A successful journey was completed.

Aditya Birla Group

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Bhushan Baviskar

PGP 2nd Year

IIM Shillong

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