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On one hand, it seems sweet to have a day dedicated to lovers all around the world, on the other hand, it seems stupid to wait for an entire year to make someone feel special. With a hike in prices for flowers, gifts and movies on Valentine’s day and an added pressure to have a date to make yourself seem cool, Valentine’s Day may have just become another marketing gimmick. Would you rather make your someone special feel loved on just one day by bringing them flowers or just do it on any other day just because? Would you want to be a part of the marketing gimmick or be free of that?

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jyotika saluja

Love is not bound to a single day . To love is to love till eternity .Although a special day dedicated to love I.e valentines day gives an excuse to the people who are busy in their lives to cherish their love and make it special for their loved ones. However with all the expensive flowers ,chocolates , show pieces , hike in the cost of movie tickets ,even the telephone operators remove the free and discounted tariff for 14th February in order to earn more. Love is not about how much you spend , its about the feelings . instead of all the expensive gifts a single rose or a handmade card or note or gift and make your loved ones day special.

Shreshtha Garg

Valentine’s Day is like a festival to celebrate love just like the other festivals we celebrate for different reasons. And just like the market behaves in other festivals, similar is the case here. Whenever a thing goes rare, it’s value increases in every sort , materialistic or non materialistic. Hence things getting costlier this day is no big deal now a days. Also a rose given daily wont be equivalent to the worth of a rose given that day. So in a way some people might like to be a part of this marketing gimmic because then they do not need to put the quality effort daily which can now be expressed in a single day. I think for the person one day pressure would be easier to carry rather to fight with it daily.

sahiriar alam

So a hug on hug day will matter more than a hug which you got from that when you had failed that exam on which your future depended, alone out of town and crying?

sahiriar alam

We humans as a species are crowd people. We have the sheep mentality. We follow whatever others are doing without using our brains and asking the most important question WHY. We will do anything as long as everyone is doing it. Everyone clicks selfies, I will too. Everyone celebrates thanks giving, I will too. Everyone is celebrating valentines day, wearing red and black clothes, making romantic advances to their lovers on this particular day to show their love is a pointless thing to do in the age of logic. A person might feel like reciprocating love, buy gifts, eat out any day any time of the year. And a person might not want to go out and indulge in all the extravaganza on that particular day. And that leads to society looking down at the person.
Advertisers funded by manufacturers spend lots of money to make everyone think that a person doesn’t love the other person if he doesn’t do what is ‘supposed’ to be done. Buy and buy.
It is totally wrong. Simple things we do everyday is what reinforces love in people. Simple things like: “you have had a tough day so stay in bed. I will take care of the kids and send them to school.” And obviously not dressing up, eating out and buying gifts on that one day when we are supposed to do it.

Trisha Singharay

Let us assume that Valentine’s Day is a new product launched in the market by a XYZ firm, the target age group being 15-35 mainly.Right after launching the product with an attractive brand endorsement, it hits the market massively.Now with the increase in popularity and sales of this newly launched product, the supply also bumped up massively.An increase in supply has to be supported with increase in supply of raw materials– here raw materials being Gifts in the form of soft toys, Chocolates ,Roses,Cards and what not! Hence follows an increase in the demand for production of the same and thus inflates the prices of the associated raw materials.Again, the product is seasonal in nature, as the sampling survey spots the maximum sales only in a span of 7days from pre- 14th February every year.Even before a month or so, we can spot on a number of advertisements on those glossy cover-pages of lifestyle magazines and newspapers as well declaring Flat 50% discounts on luxury and fancy gift items and so on. Marketing via human emotions is not a new thing.You must have noticed the packets of chips peeping out from the small grocery shops.Those colourful scintillating packaging attracts the youngest customers and are always placed at a range which they could easily reach.Hence follows the process of nagging for the same and the process ends up with its successful purchase.Research says that most of the sales occur by this marketing strategy.
To sum up, the events like Valentine’s day is no less than a production process of a marketing firm which extends upto its promotion to a huge return on a bare minimum investment, as you might have noticed the prices of Roses reaching sky-high on these days.