IIM Lucknow Interview Experience Video | How To Get Into IIM Lucknow

It is that time of the year when students across the country are scribbling notes about the current news, going through their CV, preparing answers in front of the mirror and ironing out their best business suits. The GD-PI round of getting into your dream b-school is a carefully planned screening process that lets the institute know who’d be a good fit in their classroom.

Just like you, Pratik Ranjan, now a student at IIM Lucknow, prepared for his dream b-school interview. Being an A-list engineering student with a strong passion for writing and reading and also work experience, he was thoroughly questioned on all fronts. What made Pratik stand out was his well-structured answers that were detailed and crisp, and his ability to answer technical questions related to his work experience and graduate studies. His general knowledge and awareness of the current affairs across the world also helped him crack the round.

This is a re-enactment of Pratik Ranjan’s IIM Lucknow interview experience.

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