What’s Happening Around The World – September 24 – October 1

It is that time of the year by when either the summer placements have already commenced or are about to commence in almost every major b-school except IIMs ABC. Keeping that in mind, I’m back with a succinct summary of all the significant happenings of the last week of September. Hope it proves as a valuable addition to the arsenal of your weapons to combat the fierce battle of summer placements of 2017:

Hello! India:

Let’s go Global:

From the World of Marketing:

A Peek into the Politics:

This is it for this week. Happy Reading!

Abhinav Bansal

I'm a participant of the PGP 2016-18 batch at IIM Indore. Stuff like brands, blogging and dramatics interests me a lot! I aspire to launch my post MBA career with a typical Sales/Marketing job. In line with this goal, I've been a part of the Marketing club of IIM Indore and interned at a leading FMCG firm during the summers of '17.