5 Days To CAT – An Ultimate Resource List For CAT Prep

As you know, CAT is just around the corner and we don’t want you to waste your time looking for resources. Which is why we have compiled a comprehensive list category wise which will help you solve your general as well as any specific queries that you may have. Quant, LRDI, Verbal, General Tips, and Motivational Articles (in the same order) are covered in this article.

So without any further ado, let’s dive right into the list!

Need help with Quant? Here are some articles that deal with this section –

– Improve Your Score In Quant In The Last Few Days With These 6 Tips 

These 6 tips by an IIM Lucknow student are just on point. From issues like accuracy to whether to use calculators or not, this article covers it all.

– How Do 99+ Percentilers Prepare For CAT | Part 1 – Quantitative Ability

No matter how prepared you are for this section, this article will give you a lot of clarity. Bonus – it has some mythbusters!

– How To Excel In Quantitative Aptitude With 95+ Percentile In CAT?

Many will keep iterating that ‘Engineer hai to quant acha hoga hi’ and many such remarks when it comes to this section. This assumption is definitely not completely true, it all depends on your Test Taking ability, and this article covers just that.

– Scoring Topics In QA You Should Not Miss Out On – Tips From A 99.87%iler

A commonly asked question, even just a few days before the CAT. For people, who have JUST started preparing, this is your bible for Quant topics. A 99.87%iler and an IIM Ahmedabad student tells you in this quick article which topics you should definitely work on.

– 3 And A Half Mistakes I Made In Quant, Which You Shouldn’t

There are more than enough articles telling you what to do to score high in Quant Section. But the other way of scoring high in this section is by avoiding some typical mistakes mentioned in this article.

– Common Traps To Avoid In The Quant Section Of CAT Exam

These 5 commonly made mistakes or so-called ‘Traps’ can lead to a low score in this section. Read the article and make sure you don’t fall for any of these traps.


Let’s move to Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning – This section can be a nightmare for some people. Perhaps, these articles would wake you up from the nightmare.

– The Crucial Focus On LRDI – How To Maximise Your Score In LRDI – Tips By An IIM Student

The tips in this article are a bit generic but good to refresh your strategies in this section. From the frame of mind required to implications of LRDI on Quant, it covers quite a few things.

– How Do 99+ Percentilers Prepare For CAT | Part 3 – Data Interpretation And Logical Reasoning

Ah this article covers everything! It is an ideal read if you are just starting with this section!

– How To Score High In The DI LR Section Of CAT?

There are two tips in this article. Both of them will ensure that you score really well in this section.

– From 52.86%ile To 99.32%ile In Data Interpretation And Logical Reasoning – Tips To Ace DILR In CAT

Apart from the tips, this article is really motivating. No matter what your score is when you start, you can score 99+%ile if you work hard. The author of this article was scored a mere 52%ile in this section in his previous CAT attempt but in the last attempt, he managed to score more than 99%ile in this section.

– How To Improve Your DI-LR Scores In Less Than 30 Days

Forget how many days you have, this article covers some really important points about Accuracy Vs Attempts, What to attempt and how to attempt and how many to attempt!


Lastly, Verbal and Reading Comprehension section. Unlike Quant and DILR section, there are no set formulas to help you here. But worry not, these articles will give you an idea of what to do and what to expect.

– How To Ace The Reading Comprehension Section

Problems with RC? This article comes to your rescue. Everything is right in front of you and all you have to do is to extract the answers from the passage itself! Hence RC is a weapon that is a must-have in your arsenal for cracking CAT.

– A Detailed Action Plan For The Verbal Section – CAT

If you have neglected this section thinking you’d wing it, you need to read this. It breaks down the section to the most basic level and gives you an idea what to expect and what you can do about it. Must Read even if you are well versed with this section to recheck if you have missed out on any topic.

– 3 Way To Improve Your Reading Comprehension Score For CAT

Still struggling with RC? Need specific tips. This is it. 3 simple ways yet very effective. Do give it a read.

– 4 Ways To Ace The VA Section – Tips From A 99.67 Percentiler In VA – CAT

From Vocab to RCs, this 99.67%iler talks about all topics under Verbal Ability and how to maximise score in each of those topics.

– An Objective Approach To Cracking The Subjective CAT VARC – From A CAT VARC 99.81 Percentile Scorer

VA is as subjective as it gets but this 99.81%iler tells you her secret objective way of cracking this section and scoring not only in confusing RCs but also those really annoying parajumbles we all hate.


Let’s move to some general tips now.

– A Day-Wise Plan For The Last Week Before CAT By An IIM Indore Student

T-7 days plan. Day wise plan. Can’t get better than this now, can it?

– CAT Preparation Strategies From Akshita Agarwal | 99.87%ile, Final Admits: IIM A, B, C

How to get a call from IIM A, B, and C? Read this article! Enough said for this one.

– If You Are Appearing For CAT, You Need To Read This

Just read it. It’s a 5 minute read. You won’t regret it.

A Counterintuitive Approach That Will Help You Crack The CAT

This counterintuitive approach helped the author crack the CAT and get into IIM Bangalore. Worth a read, no?

– 5 Tips To Get You Through 5 Days To CAT

5 Days, 5 Tips. From sleep cycles to frequency of mocks. Includes all you should be bothered about in the last 5 days.


In need of some Motivation? We got you covered. Here’s a list of some of the most inspirational stories and motivating journies of real people –

– A Love Story In The Journey Of CAT – Against All Odds

Who doesn’t like love stories? But with love, there comes heartbreak too. And heartbreaks while preparing for CAT can be really really difficult. Here is one such story.

– From A Cancer Survivor To A 96%iler At XLRI

Need some ultimate motivation? This cancer survivor made it to XLRI. Life can be crappy but you can still work hard and get where you want to be.

– The Story Of Overcoming Depression And Entering A Premier B-School – Against All Odds

Preparing for CAT can be quite a lonely journey. And even more so when you are suffering from depression. But no matter how difficult things are, you can still make it. Let this not only motivate you but inspire you to do better each day.

“I Didn’t Know The Difference Between Has And Have But I Worked Hard To Crack The CAT And Join An IIM” – Agni Udhayan – Against All Odds

No matter where you are with regards to your preparation, you can always work hard, give it your best shot, improve with each passing day and nothing would be impossible. The above article is just one such example.


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