Become Popular On Social Media By Active Social Listening

One day, Amara was shopping online. She found the perfect soundproof headphones for less than 1000 INR. She had been wanting to buy this for some time now. But unfortunately, when she was ready to buy, the headphones went out of stock. She was very disappointed. And like any other disappointed person, she went straight to social media and asked with a sad emoji: “Why do they show this awesome stuff on their site when they’re sold out?”

Just like Amara, we share our woes, usually by tagging brands and individuals on social media. This ensures that a brand or a company gets the chance to join the conversation and respond using social media. But first, it is necessary to know where the relevant conversations are happening.

Enter social listening. Social listening is an effective way to get insights and use them to boost your business. It involves using your social audience insights to reach business goals. Social listening is done in many ways. It involves monitoring what is being said about your brand and who says it. Brands usually respond to information related to:

  • Mentions of your company and your products.
  • Industry news.
  • Customers comments that include brand mentions.
  • Competitor’s activities on social media.



Social listening can be done by finding power users, listening to competition and using analytics. Find out more about social listening and various strategies in the video above.

Key Takeaways from this video:

– Be a part of social media conversations that are relevant to your consumers or offerings.

– Set up customer support accounts and let customers know how they can reach you via social networks.

– Respond to all consumer feedback, but implement only relevant changes to your offerings.

– Always respond to complaints or queries on social media.

– Follow social media accounts of various power users and engage with them.

– Build tester communities with the help of power users, who have a large fan base on social media.

– Let them use your products, brand, social media handles, ET. AL. to create conversations about your business.

– Keep a track of competition by monitoring their social media communities.

– Measure your social media performance daily and find out how each post, article, like or follow is received.

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