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I Helped A B-School Dropout Friend To Find Direction - Dinesh Ramesh, InsideIIM's Best 50

Getting into an IIM or a top Indian b-school promises you immense exposure. But what makes a b-school student an exceptional talent that recruiters vie for? What are the qualities

I Helped ISB Students Find Temporary Accommodation During The COVID-19 Lockdown - Shreyas Katta's Journey To Success Against All Odds

Being a leader is a difficult job, especially during this tough time of COVID-19. There are a lot of people expecting you to give them direction, and you do not

Engineering Drop Out To IIM Ahmedabad | Subham Shaw

This blog would not be another one on the strategy to crack CAT and get yourself into one of the best B-Schools in the country. This is to encourage the readers

I Used The Two Months Before B-School To Raise Fund For An NGO - Tanay Bagade's Journey To Success Against All Odds

We all want to give back to the community we come from. But, how many of us actually get to do that? Today, we bring you a story of someone

How I Made It To IIM Lucknow After 3 Attempts | Against All Odds | Rishabh Dusad,99.52, IIM Lucknow '22

While you may find hundreds of articles on what you should do and how you should prepare for CAT and subsequent interviews, here's my take on somethings you should definitely

My Delivery Date Was Due In 4 Days From Writing My B-school Entrance Exam, Ft. Sanchita Gupta, Tata Steel HRBP

Imagine going for your b-school entrance examination 4 days prior to delivering a child! And continuing studies at a b-school to achieve the career goals you have set out for

Don't Give Up On Your MBA Dream | Ten Stories To Motivate You

Should I take a year drop to prepare for CAT? Should I quit my job and prepare for CAT full time? Is CAT meant for me? – When we are