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How To Crack CAT 2019 In 5 Months - Live Webinar With CEO, MBA Group At Career Launcher

How many months does it really take to prepare for an entrance test like CAT 2019? How can you prepare for the different sections of CAT in a matter of

All You Need To Know About Your Form 16 (Salary Certificate)

Form 16 (or salary certificate in layman’s language) is a certificate issued by an employer to all employees for a particular financial year. It is issued at the end of

A Story Of A Girl Who Had The Heart And Courage To Go Against Societal Norms - Talat Khanam - SPJIMR - Celebrating Womanhood

This is a story of a girl who had the heart & courage to go against the societal norms and her father who had the compassion to support her dreams.

5 Books You Should Read Before And During Your MBA

There are some experiences that you can only get through a good book. Or two. Before you realise it, you'll be in a b-school, running in a rat race, no

'I Faced The Demons Within While Preparing For Entrance Exams' - Against All Odds

Facing The Demons Within - The counsellor looked at me, in what looked like a mix of exasperation and pure frustration. The last hour or so had passed in his futile

InsideIIM & Konversations - The Most Satisfying Year - 2016-17

Around 2 years back, on a weekday at 12 PM I would often look up from my computer and just mindlessly stare at things around me and wonder what I

A Career In Product Management At Flipkart - Highlights of Chat With Arindam Mukherjee and Vamsi Madhav

To kick off Career Chats at InsideIIM, we had two star managers from Flipkart, Vamsi Madhav (Head – University Relations) and Arindam Mukherjee (Product Manager, also HBS and IIT alumnus)

Thriving As A Woman In Sales - An IIFT Alumna's Story

June 3, 2013 was the start of a great adventure; my first job and that too, in the FMCG industry. Getting a foot in this glorified sector is the dream