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Case Study from Bud Light on Sex in Advertising - Strategy with RS

Bud Light is a ‘mass’ beer brand. If you were the Marketing head of the brand what strategy would you come up with to make each bottle unique? Yes each

Youtube and Wikipedia Were Born After Failures - The Twist Strategy

"If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, then you’ve launched too late." - Reid Hoffman, co-founder, LinkedIn

Samsung and the Internet of Things - Strategy with RS

Samsung fast followed (euphemism for inspiration) Apple’s iPhone & made tons of money. But business history tells us that ‘fast following’ strategy can never be sustainable in the long run.

How to Get Customers to Own Your Brand - Case Studies from AirBnB, Uber and Pepsi

Today’s customers are no longer satisfied being passively involved with the brand they patronize; they wish to be actively engaged with a brand because they subliminally believe that it belongs

Turning Problems into Solutions and The Story of Blue Riband Duet Gin

[Featured Image by Amy Gizienski under Creative Commons]

How I Lived Up to My Employee's Trust

Do you feel that your employees are unproductive, lack motivation, are neither self-driven nor engaged with their work and are not committed to the enterprise?

Why Despite High Competence You Are Unable to Lead Your Colleagues

Do you consider yourself a leader? Of course you do, because you are highly competent :

How Apple Gives us Emotional Reasons to Buy

In his fourth Founding Fuel episode, Rajesh Srivastava says that chasing profits may be self-defeating. It does not guarantee the kind of success earned by the likes of Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook or