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We are coming towards the end of another year. Your support has been fabulous in helping us grow further. We decided to look back at some of the most popular

"Google risks becoming unmanageable" - MISB Bocconi's Prof.Robert Grant, Strategy Guru

Professor Robert Grant is an institution. He is one of the most influential strategy thinkers of our era. Students of MISB Bocconi have the privilege to be part of his

"We Look for People who Respect Team Work and Collaboration" - Rashesh Shah, Co-Founder,Chairman & MD - Edelweiss - IIM A & IIFT alumnus

Staying true to the 'Make in India' spirit currently prevalent in our country, we bring to you a conversation with the creator of one of India's biggest Financial services companies

"You have to Train your Mind to Deal with Test Anxiety" - Dr. Nagananda Kumar, Executive Director - MYRA School of Business

I can hear many of you go “Not another article on how to crack the CAT. Spare us.”

My Journey: In the World of CAT

PART 1: THE ROAD TO CAT I am not a believer of New Year resolutions. For me, those are just gimmicks of weak-willed people. So I refused to categorize my first

3 Truths about Dating and Interviews - Alternative Mavericks

Have you ever been rejected in love? Have you ever been rejected by firm after an interview?   There is an underlying feeling common to both situations – a feeling of

10 Best Courses I attended at IIM Indore

I never really studied in my two years at IIM Indore. I was ranked in the late 160s out of a batch of 240 students. This is an average student