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CAT 2022 Score vs Profile - What Will Help You Get Shortlisted by Top IIMs?

There's a misconception that CAT is the biggest factor in deciding whether or not you can make it to a top IIM. While your CAT performance is important, it's NOT

IIM Kashipur Admission Criteria 2022 - CAT Cut-Off Lowered

IIM Kashipur's latest admission criteria are out! In the 2022-2023 admissions season, IIM Kashipur has lowered the CAT cut-off from 93 percentile in 2021 to 92 percentile in 2022, with

IIM A Selection Criteria 2022 - CAT 2022 Cut-off at 80 Percentile

IIM Ahmedabad has released its latest selection criteria for admission to its PGP program. This year, IIM A has assigned 65% weight to CAT 2022 scores while shortlisting candidates for

IIM Udaipur Admission Criteria 2022 - Sectional CAT 2022 Cut-Off at 70 Percentile

IIM Udaipur's latest admission criteria are out! In 2022, IIM-U has set the CAT 2022 min. cut-off at 92 percentile, and the sectional cut-offs at 70 percentile for all three

IIM Indore Admission Criteria 2023 - CAT Cut Off At 90 Percentile

IIM Indore's admission criteria for 2023 are now out. This admissions season, IIM Indore has set the minimum overall CAT 2022 cut-off at the 90th percentile. The sectional cut-offs are

IIFT 2022 Selection Criteria - 73 Percent Weight for IIFT Scores

IIFT has released the selection criteria for admission to its MBA (IB) program via IIFT 2022! This year, IIFT has assigned a whopping 73% and 45% weight to IIFT scores

IIM Kozhikode Selection Criteria - CAT 2022 Cut Off At 85 Percentile

What does IIM Kozhikode look for while shortlisting candidates for admission? What matters more - your CAT performance or your profile? As it turns out, the latter. What's the minimum

IIM Lucknow Selection Criteria 2022: CAT Score the Leading Selection Parameter

IIM Lucknow's 2022 selection criteria document has been released for admission to the PGP batch of 2023-2025. This year, IIM Lucknow has set the minimum overall CAT 2022 cut-off at