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TISSNET 2020, Life At TISS, And More | Webinar

Thousands of aspirants take up TISSNET every year to get into the prestigious Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS). Most of them apply to opt the Master's program in HRM

IIM Calcutta Selection Criteria 2019 - Graduation Scores Included In IIM C's Criteria In 2019

The IIM Calcutta selection criteria 2019 have been released! IIM Calcutta has revised its admissions criteria for the flagship PGP programme by including candidates' graduation marks as a selection criterion

IIM Ahmedabad Selection Criteria 2019 - Work Experience Included In IIM A's Criteria In 2019

IIM Ahmedabad's selection criteria 2019 for the PGP 2020-2022 batch has been released! IIM Ahmedabad has revised the selection criteria for PGP admissions in 2019 by introducing work experience as

"Tu Kheti Karegi Kya?" - From IT To Agriculture | Journey To IRMA

It all started during the 3rd year of my Computer Engineering at COEP Pune. I came across a Farm Robot (FarmBot) which was being developed by some college students in

To 'B' Or Not To 'B' - Should You Join The B-School You Converted?

One of the biggest confusion faced by many aspirants each year is whether they should join the B-School they converted. It is indeed a dilemma if one should give another attempt

Why I Chose Five-Year-Old IIM Nagpur Over Decades-Old Private B-Schools

In the life of every B-School aspirant, from the day s/he decides to write CAT & other renowned exams on a sincere note till s/he gets into a B-School, months