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The best of our featured B schools. Ten reasons why these B schools are special.

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Why I Didn't Call My Parents For My Convocation

My MBA was the first time I stepped out of my home and my city. After a few months of teething troubles, I relished this freedom to recreate and nurture

An Inspiring Yearbook Message For The Graduating Students By The Dean Of SPJIMR - Dr. Ranjan Banerjee

Dean Of SPJIMR - Dr. Ranjan Banerjee's Inspiring Yearbook Message for the Graduating Students 

"Alumnus Connect SJMSOM" - Interaction With Mr Nilay Kumar, Johnson & Johnson

Alumnus Connect SJMSOM aims to understand the intricacies of Management life, the choice of B-school and memorable experiences at SOM through candid interactions with our esteemed alums. The inaugural interaction

10 Things That Make NMIMS Mumbai Special

The best of locations in the country:NMIMS School of Business Management was established in 1981 in the heart of India's financial capital, Mumbai. Built in one of the most prime

20 Things that make MICA Special

Know more about the uniqueness of the PGDM Programme in Communications in MICA - Click  here. Last date to register is 18th January

Kaptains of Kozhikode - Dr. Arjun A.L. - The Benevolent Doctor

A major chunk of B-School students come from the usual disciplines of engineering & commerce. In such a scenario, getting to know the rationale behind the decision of those rare

10 reasons which make IIM Indore UAE Campus the 'Next Big Thing'

For every management aspirant, their Alma mater always holds a special place for them, in their hearts. However for an institute to stand-out against its competitors, it must offer more

TISS Mumbai - What Makes It Different?

TISS is something fundamentally different. And now that I have got that so very clichéd yet so very true statement out of the way, let us try and identify the