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Recruiter Rankings 2023-24 By InsideIIM - Shape The MBA Placement Process

InsideIIM’s Recruiter Rankings 2023-24 is going live and giving you a rare opportunity to have a heart-to-heart with your dream recruiters. You can spill the beans on what you think

The Perfect Pitch Deck Recipe To Win Over Investors In 2023

Cracking a unique business idea and getting core members aligned are indeed great milestones and some of the most challenging steps of building your business. But hey, gear up, the

Breaking Down Supply Chain Management | A Complete Overview

Ready to jump into a career in Supply Chain Management? A career in this domain is in high demand these days, with studies predicting that Supply Chain jobs will grow

Free Case Study | Decoding Zara, Its Supply Chain & Why Its A USD 15 Bn Brand

Most fashion houses refresh their trends every 3-4 months and that’s how you get different seasons, collections like Summer, Fall, etc., and ‘End-of-the-Season’ Sales. In those 3-4 months, brands scout

Disruption Equals Job Opportunity in this $200+ Billion Industry, with Salaries Topping 25 LPA!

Several years down the line, when the lasting impact of the pandemic is discussed, supply shortages of food and other essential goods will surely be one of the top headlines

Case Study: The Supply Chain Of Amul - From Cow To Kitchen!

“When it comes to dairy products, the supply chain is an udder science.”  - While many people drink milk regularly, few are aware of the extensive supply chain that carries

Layoffs & Job-Searching Dynamics In 2023: Which Are The In-Demand Digital Business Jobs You Must Check Out

If you too were looking at 2023 as a year of financial & career growth, planning to jump on the new year, new job, new job me wave, we agree

5 Key Elements Your Digital Business Certification Must Have!

It was more than 5 years ago when Forbes suggested that- “ when you earn a certificate, you can expect anywhere from a 13% to 25% boost in your annual