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Take A Seat In An MBA Case Classroom, ft. Great Lakes, Chennai

Case studies and discussions are an integral part of any MBA program. But what actually goes on inside an MBA classroom that transforms students of today into business leaders of

Grab Your Chance To Get A PPO With JSW & Win A Cash Prize of Rs. 2 Lakhs! Register Now.

Have you ever thought how easy B-school life would become if you don’t have to sit for the dreaded placement race! What if we tell you that we have a

Konversations Cafe Online Is Back To Help You Find Your Dream Career Opportunities. Register Now

Konversations Cafe Online is back with yet another edition. This time with a company that we have all grown up with; Tata Play.

When I Joined BCG, I Was Sure I Was Going To Leave It | Ft. Shatakshi Sharma, Ex- BCG | ISB

We have Shatakshi Sharma in this video who went through ISB and is a former BCG consultant. Her journey started when she was just 21 years old studying at St.

Get This Ultimate Product Management E-Book

If you really think about it, haven’t almost all companies always had a product, and if yes, what is all this sudden buzz around product management roles? Let’s talk a

Future Of Consulting Careers: Should You Be Worried? Ft. Sandeep Das

Sandeep Das, who has been a consultant himself for years, tells you about the changing world of consulting and the careers around it in this video. Sandeep talks about the

What goes into an effective decision making process? Ft. TAS Manager Vasundhara N

What goes into an effective decision making process? Find out this and more in an insightful article written by TAS manager, Vasundhara Narang.Every decision we make is a shift from

Your Ultimate Personal Interview Prep Checklist 2022

Are you an aspirant preparing to crack those b-school interviews? Waiting with bated breath to get a call from your dream b-school and wondering which schools you must prepare for?