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Trading Journey Of The MBA Duo | Sai Krishna & Sai Ram Teja

It wasn’t until 2018 when I got a call letter for the MBA program at the Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT Kharagpur, that I developed a curiosity about Stock

The Fourth Idiot | The Story of An MBA Aspirant

Disclaimer: If you haven’t watched 2 states or 3 idiots you might miss some references ( but seriously if you haven’t watched there is something very wrong with you). Also,

Can Online Learning Replace The Offline University Ecosystem

An unprecedented crisis in COVID-19 has dawned upon the world. More than 8 million confirmed cases globally, fatalities touching almost half a million, it is a crisis that evokes no

How I Cracked The Google Interview | Ft. Rajvi Doshi

“Back in 2012, I dreamt of working at Google. Little did I know then how to get into the giant. After working for a little while, I started chasing b-schools

Movies & Politics In India

Why do movie stars not impress the public anymore as politicians?

“If You Dream It, You Can Do It Too”- A Fresher’s Journey To XLRI Jamshedpur | Sanishtha Bhatia, 99.844 %ile

I decided to write the CAT and do an MBA when I was in the 2nd year of my undergrad. I had almost a year in hand, at that time.

Learn A Foreign Language - How I Learnt German Online?

I speak 5 languages : A mix of Hindi and Urdu (Native), English (C1-C2), German (B2) and French (A2). I learnt English at school but acquired German and French quiet