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“If You Dream It, You Can Do It Too”- A Fresher’s Journey To XLRI Jamshedpur | Sanishtha Bhatia, 99.844 %ile

I decided to write the CAT and do an MBA when I was in the 2nd year of my undergrad. I had almost a year in hand, at that time.

Learn A Foreign Language - How I Learnt German Online?

I speak 5 languages : A mix of Hindi and Urdu (Native), English (C1-C2), German (B2) and French (A2). I learnt English at school but acquired German and French quiet

10 Books To Read As An MBA

Reading requires discipline. It is not a one time thing. Every time we read something new, new opportunities and avenues open up for us. It increases our depth of knowledge

Dedicated To The Batch Of 2020 | Urvish Pandey

Urvish Pandey, the Lead-Campus Recruitment & University Relations at Mastercard, has written this note on how the Class of 2020 are the chosen ones and that all good things await

How Rejection Actually Feels Like

I was rejected, again. At 8 years old. That little bicycle of mine lost balance and I fell again. My friends were laughing at me. But, they also picked me

My Summer Internship Journey At Phoenix Global Was A Holistic Learning Experience

Star with the company's engagement and communication even before the internship started?

Convocation For 'The Batch Of 2020'

Jews perform a ceremony called ‘bar or bat mitzvah’ when their children reach a certain age. It is a kind of declaration that the children have grown up into young