The Cost Of MBA – My Four-Year Relationship

“Don’t just gulp theories and terms, apply them in real life too.” – that’s what our professors used to tell us in every lecture. And believe me, I did.

I read “Opportunity cost” – the cost of a missed opportunity. And this heavy-economic term perfectly applies to my life.

“For me, the opportunity cost of an MBA program turned out to be my four-year-long relationship.”

Late-night classes, overloaded assignments, elongated case studies with circa few-hours submission deadlines, packed schedules, impromptu tests and presentations in tandem with the endless work of highly decorated committees – each of these affairs has contributed significantly to the loss of the real affair I had in my life.

Classes ate calls, tests chewed texts, faff disrupted feelings, and in the meantime summers replaced sweetheart – in the spirit, anagapesis was evident so was razbliuto. The demand and supply equation was no more balanced. Moreover, it was heavier on demand side than the supply side. This happened not because of more demand but less supply. Demand remained constant. Supply nosedived – quantity and quality of communication deteriorated. Texts got restricted to “Good morning” and “Good night”, many-a-times not even that. Calls were now an event of a fortnight. And the three magical words, now sounded – “I’m busy now” but believe me I didn’t mean these words. Three magical words are still those that she and I lived to through these years.

While I bid her goodbye, I assured her that this MBA journey of mine is going to be the last experience I’m going to have without her being near me. Who knew then, it would turn out to be a metanoia and I’ll lose her for entire life during this journey.

Today, I’m here amid magnificent roller-coaster ride struggling to rest your head on my lap and cafuné you instead of Kotler and the like. 

Pramod Gupta

MBA Candidate, Class of 2019, SCMHRD Pune