Abhishek Thakore, Social Entrepreneur in conversation with Team InsideIIM (Video)

“When people ask what do you do, they expect an answer that fits in a box”

InsideIIM is extremely pleased to post this conversation with Abhishek Thakore, an IIM Bangalore graduate (Class of 2005) where he talks about his unconventional career path, his NGO – “Blue Ribbon Movement”, his corporate stints at Boston Consulting Group and Hay Group and his recent experience at the United Nations Earth Summit at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Abhishek had an investment banking job offer in Singapore from campus which he declined to start his own venture in 2005 at the age of 23.  His venture crashed but his spirit to make a difference didn’t.  He has worked his way to the top again and his organisation is on the cusp of creating positive change in the society with a lot of impact. Blue Ribbon was originally founded by Abhishek when he was 18 and studying in Mumbai’s Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics. Abhishek is also an author of 2 books which he had written when he was at NM. You can find the books he has written here

Abhishek also talks about the support of family and friends when attempting something different. He makes a great point about people around you disagreeing with you and yet respecting your chosen path and supporting you in it. He also talks about his experiences at NM and at IIM B and how they are helping him now at this stage of his life.


We believe all management graduates with an entrepreneurial or a social bent of mind must see this video. Abhishek’s story is interesting as well very insightful. The first part part of the interview (5 mins ) Abhishek talks about his own career path and his story. The 2nd part part talks about what he did at the United Nations Earth Summit.

If you are having trouble watching the video below – you can read the Transcript of the interview below here : http://insideiim.com/interview-with-abhishek-thakore-text-transcript/

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Blue Ribbon Movement’s website – http://www.brmworld.org/

Abhishek is also an author on InsideIIM.com. In fact, he wrote InsideIIM.com’s opening article 🙂

If you have questions for Abhishek, please leave them in the comments section below. We will try and get him to answer them soon.


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