Jurassic World Park is a Marketing Masterclass

Saw Jurassic World Park. But I felt that it is not a movie – It is a marketing masterclass.

1. Scenes: Scenes have been crafted with the theme park in mind. There are chunks in the film which can be recreated faithfully in Universal Studio theme park. These attractions will become a big draw.

2. Merchandise: The sale of merchandise has been kept in mind. Miniature version of dinosaurs has been strategically placed in the film & integrated into the story. It will eventually become a money spinner for the studio.

3. Casting keeps in mind the Target Group (TG) of merchandise: Dinosaur merchandise appeals more to boys than girls. Hence 2 boys – ‘Zach’ & ‘Gray’ have been cast instead of a boy & a girl.

4. In-film product placement: Dino hunters race through jungles in Mercedes Benz G-Class SUV; the guests sip Starbucks & Chris Pratt swigs Coca Cola. When Pratt’s character races alongside velociraptors, he does so on his Triumph Scrambler, a new model made by the U.K.’s biggest motorcycle maker; 3D imaging and innovation lab of Samsung (Courtesy: Chetan Krishna Dhulipalla) At times the product placement were not seamlessly integrated into the story line. On many occasions they looked forced.

5. Under promise over deliver: Jurassic World’s trailer promised lots of dinosaur action. The film surprised audiences by showing even grander scenes & larger & fiercer dinosaurs. Most trailers do the opposite, causing disappointment.

Have you seen Jurassic World? What did you make of it?

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