Mahindra GMC Internship Journey – Phase 2 | My Mahindra Diaries

Mahindra’s GMC program provides opportunities to the Summer Interns to work in one or the other sectors and companies of the group. The next phase of our internship journey has exposed us to our respective sector (mine being Mahindra and Mahindra Financial Services), it’s businesses, industry and the future growth. We were supposed to meet with our respective guide, mentor and buddy to set clear goals and deliverables for the project.

With key deliverables and goals in place, the initial couple of days were spent on research and understanding the project in detail. The best part of being a GMC Intern is that the project is extremely relevant to the business and we can clearly see how it fits into the bigger picture.

For the next part of the project, it was necessary for me to visit few Regional and Branch Offices of Mahindra Finance and I was amazed how senior leaders in the company ensured I had all the resources required that would help in my project. I traveled to the Delhi Office as well as Bhubaneswar and Puri branches. From the employees in the Regional Offices to those in the various branches, everyone was happy to help and contribute. The work culture was no different at these branches from the Head Office and it comes as no surprise that Mahindra Finance always finds a place on the list for the Best Places to Work.

Being a first time visitor to the state of Orissa, I was lucky to get a chance to visit the magnificent Jagannath Puri temple as well as the Puri beach which were literally at walking distances from the branch office. After a hectic week across these cities, I was back in Mumbai with lots of insights to move to the next phase for my project. With the mid review of my project already scheduled beforehand, I had a fair idea on what key deliverables I had to focus on and worked towards it.

Thanks to the extremely structured GMC program, everyone has a clarity on how to execute the project in terms of the timelines, resources and guidance. With the review this Friday, fortunately the project has been on track as I move on to the next phase of my internship journey with a lot more focus and insights.

Anuj Mishra

SIBM Pune 2018-20