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Field Immersion Module Experience At IIM Nagpur

I believe that continuous application and testing of the concepts which we learn would offer us a great learning experience. I consider myself lucky to be a part of such

My Experience Of Becoming Student's Affair Council President - IIM Nagpur

If I am asked what IIM Nagpur has given me, apart from the quality education and lifelong memories to cherish, I would feel elated to mention about the platform that

Unlearning & Learning Everyday - Life At IIM Nagpur

My very first learning during my first month at IIM Nagpur has been“Live one day at a time, keeping the bigger picture in mind.”

A Dream Of 'Living' Life At IIM Nagpur

Not so long ago, while I was busy with my responsibilities as a government employee, I was re-ignited with the desire of working on my career growth.  I took unpaid

Self-Discovery In The Process Of Becoming A Class Representative At IIM Nagpur

An MBA program is not just about academics, it is also about getting accustomed to multi-tasking with careful planning and execution. Therefore, it was clear in my mind that I