MBA From A Tier-2 B-School vs PGP In Data Science & Engineering

You’ve heard of people spending Rs.15 Lakhs and 2 years to pursue an MBA, and be hopeful for a plum job with top brands like Mahindra, HSBC, Swiggy, Flipkart and the likes. What if you could spend just one-fifth of this money, one-fourth of this time, and get recruited by the same brands in just 5 months?

Sounds too good to be true? Read on to know more.   

From very early on in our lives, we are taught that your career growth is as steep as the number of degrees on your CV. This is why a large chunk of Engineers line up unthinkingly for an MBA, incurring opportunity costs in addition to hefty program fees. Furthermore, not many aspirants are aware of opportunities and job roles in exciting fields such as Data Science, Machine Learning etc.

Data Science vs MBA: What makes more sense in the long-term?

A question that is likely to pop up in your mind is this – is it even worth foregoing an MBA to become a skilled Data Scientist?

To understand this better, let us consider the journeys of two individuals:

  1. Candidate A, who has graduated and is now pursuing an MBA.
  2. Candidate B, who has decided to forego an MBA and wants to become a Data Scientist.

From this, you can see that by the time Candidate A completes his MBA and gets a job, Candidate B has already begun earning, and is getting hefty annual increments at her job as a Data Scientist.

Within 3 years, while Candidate B has earned a great deal of profit, Candidate A has incurred significant losses that will be only be recovered in a few more years.   

What is Data Science? Why should I invest in Data Science as a skill?

“Artificial Intelligence”, “Internet of Things”, “Big Data”, “SaaS”, “Machine Learning”, etc. are words that are usually thrown around everywhere – from a LinkedIn post by a self-proclaimed “data-scientist” to a boardroom meeting of a large MNC. However, the potential of these concepts is understood by only a few.

While these fancy and technical terms may seem ephemeral, start-ups, large corporations, government policies, and even presidential campaigns are dictated by the confluence of all these terms that are passed off as fads.

To put it briefly, Data Science covers the end-to-end process of mining data in various forms, collating this mined data, analysing actual phenomena with that data and presenting a conclusion that aids an organisation in making a calculated decision.

Do companies even want Data Scientists?

According to a 2018 study by LinkedIn, Data Mining & Statistical Analysis are the most in-demand skills for recruiters.

Therefore, it is safe to conclude that Data Science is a very real job field, and it is about to become one of the most desirable skills of the future.

As of late 2018, over 50,000 job openings for Data Scientists lie vacant in India. But why?

According to the Head of Data Science at Quora, “A big issue right now is that while more and more companies are committing more heavily to data-driven product development and their data teams, there are very few examples of folks deep in their careers who are pure data scientists, particularly when you exclude people in management.”

It is very clear that the demand for Data Scientists is immense, but the supply is not yet commensurate.

How can I be recruited as a Data Scientist by top companies?

To become a Data Scientist and get recruited by a top organisation, you need to have the right skill set – skills that cannot be acquired by a week’s worth of Google searches. You need to learn from the experts.

But how do you do that?

Great Learning offers the PGP – Data Science & Engineering programme, a 5-month exhaustive course for fresh graduates and early career professionals looking to build their career in Data Science & Analytics. 

The success of Great Learning’s programmes is reflected in the number of transitions/placements made for students.

As per their latest placement report, there are over 50+ top of the line companies such as TCS, Fractal Analytics, Latent View, Manthan Systems, Math Company, Flipkart, Mahindra, Kantar, TVS, Cognizant, Big Basket, G Square, Servian, Tata IQ, Swiggy, HSBC, HP Enterprise and Razorthink among others participating in the Recruitment Drive for PGP in DSE.

In addition to this, the highest CTC was around ₹13.2 lakh and most candidates received a 65% salary hike on average. Companies from various domains – such as BFSI, E-commerce, IT/ITES, Manufacturing/Auto, Analytics and Consulting – are part of the recruitment drive.

Great Learning’s PGP-DSE ( Post Graduate Program in Data Science & Engineering) course is an intensive bootcamp where you learn from expert faculty, train on Python, SQL, Tableau, Data Science and Machine Learning, and deepen your expertise by working on Data Science lab sessions.

The programme goes beyond just learning Data Science from experts. Once the course ends, you will get assistance from GL Excelerate – an opportunity to get access to Live Projects, Hackathons, & Career Mentorship from experts; the complete package for a successful career!  

Wait! It gets even better.

Through GL Excelerate, you will also get placement assistance via exclusive job fairs, hand-picked job opportunities relevant to your profile and experience, and a chance for you to get recruited by top brands for exciting roles.

If you are a graduate in quantitative disciplines like engineering, mathematics, commerce, sciences, statistics, economics, etc., this is a chance for you to learn Data Science from faculty with decades of experience, and to obtain a certificate backed by one of India’s elite management institutes – Great Lakes.

The programme costs INR 3 Lac – a fifth of what you would pay for a 2-year MBA programme.

So if you want to hit the ground running, work with top brands as a Data Scientist, and gain skills of the future in a matter of just 5-months, this programme can be your golden ticket!

Read more about PGP-Data Science & Engineering here.   

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