Pursuing An MBA In The Rock Capital Of India

In a time and space, far away from the nuances of the city life, lies this place I’ve started to call home. Indian Institute Of Management, Shillong, known as the Campus in Clouds has provided me with experiences of a lifetime. And it hasn’t even been 4 months.

Shillong, also known as the rock capital of India, surprises me every time when I step out of the campus. The locals and the community are strong when it comes to their music. Its common to hear Calvin Harris’s latest beats in modified Maruti taxis and hearing 70s and 80s rock blaring through the speakers at various restaurants dotted across the city. From the much acclaimed NH7 Weekender festival to the regular music gigs promoting local talent, there is indeed something for everyone here.

The silhouette of the city’s hills and forests, lining the skyline right beneath twinkling of stars provide a mesmerising view that is unparalleled. At the heart of the local culture lies an extremely sophisticated sense of fashion as the people here believe in dressing up right, and have an elevated sense of Western apparel. This is not to say that the people here have no local dressing culture. The Khasi traditions run deep within the communities and if not donning the western look, locals like to dress the ‘Khasi’ way.

Diversity runs at every nook and corner of this batch of PGP18 participants. From varying backgrounds, states and a healthy mix of gender, IIM Shillong has it all. MBA is an experience which most of us are getting to grasp.  However at the heart of it lies music, the language that has time and again united us at our best and not so best times at this place. There’s some music for every moment. To commemorate everyday wins, to forget the everyday failures, to live, music has become the fallback to everything around at IIM Shillong. From the Punjabi beats of “Tare Gin Gin” to Alan Walker’s EDM beats of “Faded”, from regional songs to the ones that unite us all, participants find the best way to bond because of music.

The class of 2020 features a wide array of musicians ranging from experienced tabla players, melodious singers, trained classical vocalists, multi-instrumentalists and a voracious beatboxer. Diversity runs even here as the opportunity to mix and match genres and interests leads to tasty fusions. The cultural committee deserves a special mention to allow our budding musicians to rekindle with their passions and bring it to the stage by providing them with the opportunity, equipment and an audience.

There’s still another year and a half that is to be spent at this beautiful place. There’s so much to learn, so much to discover, so much to celebrate and so much to sing. Music will be the only thing that remains constant in what is a constantly changing and dynamic experience.


Anjanay Saxena