How To Score 99+%ile In CAT 2019’s QA Section – Tips From A 99.84%iler

The syllabus for the Quantitative Aptitude section in CAT might seem vast at first, and quite daunting especially for those from a non-engineering background. With the exception of CAT 2018, this section has been easy to moderate in terms of difficulty. And there is no doubt that this section is a major contributor to your overall percentile.

So, how does one go about preparing for this section? Perhaps this strategy could help.

Vaishnavi Ravi

Vaishnavi Ravi is a Chemical Engineer from BITS Pilani with two years of work experience at Johnson Matthey as Deputy Manager. She secured 99.84%ile in CAT 2018 and will be joining IIM Calcutta, Class of 2021. She secured 99.66%ile in VARC and 99.4%ile in QA and bagged final admission offers from IIM C, L, K, FMS and SPJIMR



Aishwary Trivedi

Really Helpful Article. Vaishnavi, Could you please suggest some good Sources to improve Geometry. And Tips to reach from 95% to 99% in Quantitative Aptitude. Thank You. ☺️

Vaishnavi Ravi

I used the TIME Material for Geometry. The key is to note down all the concepts and keep revising because there is a lot to remember in geometry. Also keep track of all the questions from geometry in the mock tests. Concepts are usually repetitive.

Vaishnavi Ravi

The key to going from 95 to 99%ile in QA is accuracy. That comes from the right choice of questions. You need to make sure you go through all the questions in the section. Skip if you think you’ll need more time to solve a question, come back to it later. I used to attempt the section in 3 rounds. First, solve questions you’re familiar with, second, solve questions that are lengthy but from your strong topics, and last would be attempting the remaining questions contingent on time remaining.