Summer Placements 2011-13 : IIM Calcutta

(The companies below are in no particular order and the list is not exhaustive.)

If you have to be in a batch of 400+ in a business school in India, you better be at IIM Calcutta, one of India’s best campuses when it comes to recruitment if not the best. Few other campuses can pull off such a high number of quality internship offers.

In our opinion, IIM Calcutta also has one of the strongest alumni networks among all business schools in India which is reflected in the long term association of companies with the institution. There are certain roles exclusive to IIM Calcutta and their hold on Banking & Finance is unmatched in the country.

IIM Calcutta, like IIM Ahmedabad has released day-wise list of top companies visiting the campus during summer placements. It is a great practice making things extremely transparent  for companies and current students/aspirants. InsideIIM would like to congratulate both the institutions for doing it and is looking forward to seeing other top institutions doing the same. There are many institutions listed on this website who refuse to reveal even the day on which summer internships actually started!

What is striking is the kind of international stints and the locations where internship opportunities have been presented. There are offers across every continent in the world! While there are the usual I-bank and Consult stints and offers from Duferco (Switzerland), Frost & Sullivan (Singapore) etc. What caught our eye was the Berlin based gaming company ‘Plinga’ (founded in 2009) and the Singapore design consultancy firm Space Matrix. While the exact nature of the stint is unknown but sounds very interesting from the outside.

For all those who feel having a lot of women in the batch attracts better companies, please look at the table at the bottom. There are 33 girls in batch of 458 who participated (PGDM and PGDCM combined). Clearly, that correlation is someone’s figment of imagination or is based on extremely weak data points.

Clearly, among all the reports published by us so far IIM Calcutta seems to have had the best Banking & Finance Placements. A look at the table below will tell you why we say that. FMCG space is perfect and there are great options in the technology space.  Broad based opportunities are available at IIM Calcutta and it must have been a problem deciding which companies to apply for and what domain to do the internships in. In short, ‘joka’ is the place to be.  Let the data do the talking!

Largest Recruiters :-

Banking & Finance : Royal Bank of Scotland (15 offers)

Consulting : McKinsey & Co. (8 offers)

FMCG : ITC (7 offers)

Slot-wise No. of offers accepted details :- 

Slot 0 – Day 1 : 90 offers acceptance ( 64 Banking & Finance, 26 Consulting)

Slot 0 – Day 2 : 127 offers acceptance (across all domains)

Slot 1,2 and rolling placements (all the remaining)

Note that the domain break-up is only available for Day 0 offers.



The below slot-wise details (text in green) have been provided by the placement committee of IIM Calcutta and we have reproduced the text below without any editing.

2 day Slot Zero (7th & 8th November)

Slot Zero saw a total of 217 students accepting offers for their internships, an unprecedented number of offers in Slot-0 so far. This number is in fact higher than last year’s number in-spite of concerns of downturn this time, primarily owing to the participation of new recruiters many of whom have recruited for international locations from India for the first time.

Some of the big names that participated for the first time in Slot 0 are: Deutsche Bank( London – coming after a hiatus), Daiwa, Espirito Santo, Alpen Capital (Dubai) ,Headland Capital, Duferco(Switzerland), Global eProcure, Frost & Sullivan( Singapore) ,Cairn Energy, Supermax(International), Cinepolis

In addition to this, the first day of Slot 0 saw the participation of all our established long-term recruiting partners including bulge-bracket investment banks such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, UBS, JP Morgan (all of which have hired for multiple locations including London, Hong Kong, New York, Singapore, Mumbai); Consulting majors such as AT Kearney, Bain, BCG, McKinsey; Private Equity firms including Jacob Ballas, Clearwater Capital Partners, Multiples Private Equity etc. The first day of Slot 0 saw 64 students hired in Finance (Investment Banks, PE firms) and 26 students in Consulting.

The second day of Slot 0 was dominated by some of the aforementioned new recruiters and our regular recruiting partners such as consulting firms Accenture, Deloitte, Feedback Ventures; FMCG majors including Hindustan Unilever, Proctor & Gamble, Kraft Cadbury, Nokia, Nestle, Pepsi, Coca Cola, ITC, J&J Consumer India etc; and other highly reputed organizations such as Tata Administrative Services (TAS), Amazon, Middle-east based Alshaya, Aditya Birla Group (ABG), Aon Hewitt, Hay Group, American Express, Microsoft, Edelweiss among others.

Slot One and Slot Two (9th-11th November)

Slot One which included the 3rd and 4th and Slot 2 which included the 5th day saw a never before seen diversity in terms of sectors.
 Internet based phenomena including Flipkart, GroupOn, Plinga (Germany based Social Gaming firm) were seen on campus for the first time along with regular recruiters like Yahoo, Infoedge on the 3rd day establishing the dominance of this sector in today’s scenario.
 Consulting offers were given out by firms like KPMG, Cognizant, Wipro, Synergy Consulting while ICICI, Madison Street Capital, UAE Exchange and others gave out offers in finance.
 FMCG firms that participated include Marico, Heinz, Glaxo Smith Kline, Perfetti.
 Telecom majors including Airtel, Vodafone, Aircel along with Media firms like Times Group (which offered roles in Marketing and Brand Capital), Medical devices firms like Medtronic, Becton Deckinson and Singapore-based design consultancy firm Space Matrix added to the variety of roles that were on offer on the 3rd day of Placements.
 The 4th and 5th Days saw companies like RIL, RPG, Tata Steel back on campus to recruit in big numbers while new recruiters like Dr. Reddy’s, HDFC, NIIT, Cummins, Raymond, Novartis, Cleartrip, Helion VC, Indus League, Edenred, Citrus Payments, Channelplay, Genesis Colors, Hector Beverages, Youth4Work among others made their presence felt.
 Slot One also saw an unprecedented number of International offers including some locations wherein students from Indian B-schools are being hired for the first time.

Rolling process (11th November onwards)
Following the Slot-based process, the rolling process was commenced. The rolling process saw a participation of 30 firms. The rolling process initiative was implemented for the first time keeping in mind the huge number of first-time recruiters on campus to ensure that both students and firms get ample time to interact so as to result in the best possible student-firm fit. The rolling process added to the diversity of roles in. Some of the firms that participated include McDonald’s, Sharekhan, StoveKraft, Future Capital, Hanmer MS&L and General Mills. NGOs that were invited include Teach for India and CRY. On the expression of interest of interning with the public sector by the students, Bank of Baroda, SIDBI, ONGC and NTPC also participated.

Team wishes to thank IIM Calcutta  placement committee representatives  for sharing  the role wise classification  as per the insideIIM format and also share with us day-wise details. All the role-wise splits and top company mappings were run through the Placement Committee of IIM C before this story was published. The commentary around every statistic (except the text in green) is strictly by people at and the IIM C placement committee has not played any role in it.

This is the seventh in a series of reports that will bring to you. We are committed in bringing you a complete picture. We will also ensure that no irresponsible reporting is done on this website. Attempt will be made to verify the data with the institution before any publishing is done. However, lack of response from the institution will not prevent us from providing insight to our readers.

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All I can say is wow! I just hope I get IIM ABC calls. The gap is too much for me to go anywhere else. Thank you InsideIIM for helping us aspirants. I always knew ABC were the best but didnt know difference in placements between ABC and others is so high! Fingers crossed for 11th Jan!

Mission IIM ABC

Ok I'm neither from IIM B or IIM C but as an external observer it turns out that IIM C has all the big names while IIM B has more diversity in the profiles. My conclusions are based on the way data has been put up on this website. I feel if you want to do something different IIM B might just be a better option. For Finance and Consulting, in terms of names and offers IIM C is a much better bet. For e.g. I cant see UBS, Credit Suisse in the IIM B report.

I am not saying one is better than the other. Just thinking aloud how someone can choose where to go if someone has both the calls. Both are among India's top 3


@Mission IIM ABC – That is because quite a few top I-Banks (including bulge-bracket ones) chose not to go to IIMB.


Three regular recruiters viz. JPM, Credit Suisse and UBS did not visit IIMB this year for summers. Of course, the reasons were purely the market conditions which forced them to cut down their requirements by almost 70-80%. And there is a pecking order these three banks have. E.g. for JPM and CS the order is A, C and B. If these banks have the bandwidth to go to only campus, they will go to only IIMA (E.g. Finals 2011, these two banks went only to IIMA). Btw, the situation is so bad, that JPM has not offered any international offers at even A this time. If they can go to two campuses, they visit A and C (E.g. Summers of 2012). On most occasions they visit all three campuses. For UBS, the order is C,A, B (E.g. Finals 2010, UBS had recruited only from C). For Goldman Sachs, the order is B,A,C (E.g. In Finals 2011, GS recruited only from B and A). The number of offers made by GS at B this year was equal to the sum of offers made in A and C. Also, offers made by GS at B this summers is roughly equal to (or perhaps more) than the offers made by JPM, CS, GS, UBS put together at C.


Hi Raj,

During the finals bulge bracket firms generally don't recruit many as they give PPOs to summer interns. Many a times there aren't suitable as well interested candidates in the finals for these firms to recruit.

GS had come last year in finals to C, but didn't give any offer.


Agree with UBS, JPMC and GS order but not with Credit Suisse. For most of its part Credit Suisse has been an exclusive recruiter at IIMC (except 2009 and 2010 summers). I know your order is based on 2011 finals. But that was because of the profile. In that particular division IIMA has good contacts. But in general if you scan for last few years, CS has been the exclusive recruiter at IIMC and if there is opening in CS except for that profile it will recruit from C..

Regarding GS numbers, GS also recruits for back office located at Bangalore. hence the number is more. This profile is normally offered to IIML FMS XLRI IIMI IIMK etc. However GS also offers IBD roles in IIMB like A and C. That is why the numbers are so high for GS in IIMB. Please correct me if I am wrong in this GS part. For the above CS thing I have confirmed information


Well, GS offers IBD and Markets roles at B on Day Zero. These positions are based out of Mumbai, Hong Kong, London and sometimes Singapore. This year GS made 8 such offers at B. Last summers the number was 8 again and the in previous year it was 13. The numbers for A and C this year were 4/5 and 2/3 respectively (correct me if I am wrong). And all these are front end roles which are offered on Day Zero. Also the London Desk of GS does not visit IIMC as of now (Not sure for this year). A chunk of GS offers at B come from the London desk.

Regarding GS-GIR (Equity Research wing of GS) , these roles are offered on the second day of the process along with commercial/corporate banking profiles of Citi, HSBC, StanC etc. The number of offers was this role was 2 this year (same as last year).

Hope this clarifies.

And I agree Credit Suisse was an exclusive recruiter to IIMC. However, things changed a bit once Ms Vedika Bhandarkar (IIMA alumna) became the MD, I assume. So the orders that I mentioned above are as of now, which may change in the future….


Yes London desk of GS regularly gives PPO too. Actually I had heard from my friend in 2009 that 13 offers included back office too. But you saying otherwise so i trust you given your display of knowledge.

I know MNC banks come on day 0 and 2nd day for different profiles

CS as i told, only 1 division, Equity desk Mumbai to be precise has deep IIMA contacts. For others C is choice no. 1. You can also see that CS has been exclusively recruiting from C and for foreign locations HK, Singapore, London etc. So yes for that desk in Mumbai. A is the 1st choice. For others C.

I would also suggest we do not go to number of recruits in the last few years. if we do that then Barclays, BNP, RBS, ML, Stan C IBD, Daiwa all would be considered as having C as their 1st choice. lolz
Numbers also depend on quality and scheduling and some other factors. So main thing is visiting and not how many recruits


Just FYI, GS-GIR started visiting B last year only (2010). So your friend had gotten incorrect information. Regarding GS-London, I seriously doubt. But if you say so and if you are a bonafide IIMC student, then I'll take your word.. Just curious how many GS PPOs this year? And how many from GS-London? 😉

How many divisions of CS have recruited in the last two years at C? All my statements have been made based upon the last two-three years' data and the trends thereof.

"So main thing is visiting and not how many recruits " Visiting is important even more important is the number of recruits… Afterall window shopping does not generate revenues… It is embarrassing to see Oliver Wyman recruiting exclusively in one year and not finding any suitable candidates in the following year….

Abhinav Agrawal

@Raj: JPMC, GS and UBS put together picked up more than 8 this year at C. Don't have the exact no. picked up by CS.
Also, GS London desk did recruit from C this year.


Ok Ok. If you have so much info you would know how many PPOs GS gave in the last 3 years and it was quite close to some of the B schools which GS took more summer interns. And regarding GS back office I have confirmed info on how many they hired, you may ask your seniors.

Regarding CS i already said and won't like to discuss because i can see what you are trying to do commenting on summers 2013 thread. Good luck with your mission. you have been trying hard to religiously follow this thread and trying to give all sorts of numbers from history civics and geography but with not much success ;).

And when a company like Oliver Wyman comes and takes 0, it counts at not visiting. We would not even report such company in our list, if it came and recruited 0. However I know of institutes who practice this, like UBS visiting a South Indian campus in 2009 summers. And I may now agree with you that numbers are more important so going by that Barclays, RBS, ML, MS, Stan C, Daiwa , Nomura (not sure about Nomura) have C in as their 1st choice, apart from some other consult, marketing, IT firms in the so called pecking order theory discovered by you. This is your theory not mine. i am just reminding you about some more companies when you limited it to UBS, JPMC and GS.

And i am signing off now. I thought you are mature and we were having a healthy discussion until you brought that Oliver Wyman thing in between. I realized what you are trying to do all through this comments section by reporting incidents and numbers (true or untrue i don't know) from all process and campus.

So I won't reply anymore to you. You many continue with your strategy of doing best what you can do. I would just end my comment with this. A company may not recruit after visiting a campus for several reasons like scheduling, obsession with a few candidates, slot given to them etc. You may know how TAS was demanding day 0 in IIML and did not recruit because IIML did not agree to their demands. Same happened with Barclays in IIMC last year. They had 1 offer to make but due to demands they were then forced to go to some other B school for their lone offer. Or in this season, their was an Indian I bank, which wanted day 0 morning slot. in IIMC. It did not visit or if it had come in later slot, it might simply not have recruited because it not got its preferred slot. However it visited IIMB as it got 8 AM slot equivalent to other MNC I Banks.

So my friend it is not embarrassing and quality of students was never a factor. if tyouy are in placecom you would know such things happen.

~Signing off
~keep talking about world war, anna hazare, Sachin's 100th ton and many other things in SUmmers 2013 report of IIM Calcutta
~not interested anymore in discussion with you

Team InsideIIM

Ok guys. We have been silent for so long encouraging a discussion. It seems we have run our course. So before this thread becomes nasty lets just call truce and celebrate the great summer placements of both IIM B and IIM C for the Class of 2013. More power to all of you!


Anyway, I would like to congratulate the IIM Calcutta Placement Committee. With 8-9 members in the team, I believe they have done a fabulous job in getting 440+ students placed.

Mission IIM ABC

Isn't the private equity scene and VC firms scene much much better at Bangalore? I mean some of the biggest names seem to there and they are missing from IIM C report.

I'm sure students at neither IIM B or C are unhappy with the recruitment options. Just pointing this out because there is a discussion here. I'll be lucky to enter any of them 😛


Students will never be happy, every one wants the slot0 bulge bracket fin offer, when there are only limited of them.


Of course, the kind of opportunities that one would get at IIM Bangalore in the PE/VC space is unmatched by any other campus in the country including IIM Ahmedabad. IIMB's location gives it an advantage over its peers. IIMB hosted more than double the number of PEs hosted by either A or C. While the report does not include all the big names that visited B, as many as 7 PEs visited solely IIMB for this year's recruitment. Again, each campus has its own strengths.By and large, ABC fall in the same cluster as far as placements are concerned.

PS: My intention here is just to give some data points and not make any comparisons among the institutes that I have mentioned.

Mission CBA

Getting Blackstone on campus is definitely worth some salt. It eclipses all other PEs recruiting from elsewhere. So IIMB scores on this.
However equally great is getting Hedge Funds on campus which is regularly done by IIMC, especially in the last 6-7 years.

And given their astronomical batch size, I think the placements are just superb in all respects


@Raj – Thanks for your insights. What's your take on the consulting space across the top 3, ISB & beyond. eg – I know that Booz does not visit C, while the numbers Oliver Wyman picks up at A/B or even ISB is far more than C. On the other hand, numbers from MBB at C are apparently always higher than at A or B.


You have generalized about Oliver Wyman. It has happened only 1 year. In 2010 finals Oliver Wyman recruited more than twice the number from IIMC than in IIM A and IIMB combined


McKinsey picked up 8 each from B and C this year for internship. I think the number was lower at A (not sure though). BCG picked up 8 from B, 12 from A, and 7 from C. Bain picked up 2 from B, 8 from A and 5 from C. This year I guess A did the best as far as these 3 consulting firms (MBB) are concerned.
If you look at the PPOs offered to students from 2010-2012 batch, McKinsey has offered 5 each to all four campuses (ABCL). BCG offered 7 at B, some 4 or 5 at A and C. Bain offered 3 at B, 5 at C and 2 at A. A T Kearney offered 5 at B, 4 each at A and C.

In 2011 finals, the top 4 common consulting firms put together made 35 offers at both B and C respectively. The numbers were less at A.

Traditionally BCG has made more offers at B while McKinsey has made more offers at C. However, the difference is of 1-2 offers only.
Based on my understanding of the system, I believe by and large the common 4 consulting firms make more offers at B and C than A. This year was an exception though.


IIMC is awesome.. Its the best B school placement wise. I have a friends in all the top campuses and from what i have seen inspite of the economic conditions IIMC always does a great job


Everything is fine and good….but why not mention average stipend…. don't you think when you are paying 13.5 lac for two year course salary,stipends,CTC does matter a lot.The real placements lie there in stipend.If you are made a managing director of a big company but you are paid only 10 percent of the salary paid to earlier MD….what kind of MD have they made you then….I wonder…????

Team InsideIIM

We expect the schools to release salary figures during final placements. Stipends are not so relevant as summer internships are technically an academic requirement and in an ideal setting should be used for learning as much as one can. Except for FMS,JBIMS, XLRI no one has released stipend figures. Even IIM A is not expected to do it for summer placements.


Yes, even I think B-Schools should start reporting stipend figures as per IPRS. I hope IIMA does it this time…


IIMB does not reveal salary packages for Final Placements, leave alone stipend figures for internships. 🙁 However, I do feel that all institutes, including IIMB, should reveal remuneration/stipend details for Final/Summer Placements for the sake of transparency, especially when these institutes charge around 1.5 million bucks for their courses.


Helion VC came on Day 4??? Oh man. Btw InsideIIM, you should update your chart in the VC/PE section to include Helion.

crackthe cat

@Team InsideIIM:

I have a query.

I went through the summers reports of IIM C as well as IIM B. Both have reported 85+ international offers. (Coincidently, both B and C have reported 43 international offers in final placements this year 🙂 Seems like they mutually decide between themselves about the numbers). As I understand, these numbers are mere estimates as they have not declared the exact numbers. On the other hand, IIM A declared that the number of international offers (for summer placements) is 42 (As per the audited report). Surely the number 42 is authentic. Both B and C have similar placements to A. Almost the same number of banks and consults (perhaps more) visit A. Hence to me it seems highly unlikely that number of international offers made at B and C is double the number made at A.

Will it be possible for you to validate the information? A difference of 10 – 20 % is acceptable; however a difference of 100 % seems makes matters dubious. Hence the query.

Team InsideIIM

Your contention is correct. It is highly unlikely that number of offers will vary so much. However, currently we are not in a position to validate this. Ultimately, there are limitations to how much we can verify. Maybe we shall omit this statistic next time round. As we gain more experience these numbers will also tend to be more accurate. Not all our data at this stage is 100% accurate.


You have to keep in mind the reporting rate. If IIM-A has a 100% reporting rate and THEN 42 international offers were reported, your logic might make sense. If on the other hand A had a lower reporting rate, then many international offers might not have been reported.