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From IT To Goldman Sachs - A CFA's Journey | Ankesh Kumar Pandey, VP - Asset Management

Getting into Goldman Sachs is a dream that every MBA student dreams. So, when a finance student from SCMHRD Pune with IT background makes it Goldman Sachs and becomes VP

How To Build A Career In Finance - Deepak Tomar, Exec. Director, Nomura, IIM A

A successful career in finance or consulting is a dream for many b-schoolers and management graduates. The attraction of the profession so magnetic that many students enter b-school with the

From HR Professional To An Entrepreneur | XLRI Alumn, Founder of REDD Network

When you do an MBA in Human Resource Management, you learn how to manage the workforce of the organization. Every organisation has its own set of values, visions, ideals, methodology,

Ambi Parameswaran, An IIM-C Alumnus, Advices Young Professionals to Focus on Learning

I bring to you an impactful conversation with Mr Ambi Parameswaran, Brand Strategist & Founder of Brand-Building.com and former Executive Director & CEO, FCB Ulka Advertising. Ambi has worked on

In Konversation With An IIM-C Alumnus: 'Knowledge, Skill And Attitude Matter The Most'

I bring to you an inspiring conversation with Mr. Deeganta Dutta, Project Manager - Shiv Nadar Foundation. He is an alumnus of IIM Calcutta.

Dell India, Ambuja Cement, ICICI Bank and more | Alumni Stories from SIMSR

Are you planning to embark on your journey to pursue MBA? Most aspirants decide to do an MBA with hopes of climbing the corporate ladder. Top B schools like SIMSR

How I Went Against Societal Norms To Get Into A B-School | Talat Khanam |

Belonging to a family, living in a conservative Muslim community, Talat Khanam was told to hide behind Burqa from her childhood. Pursuing higher education to achieve her dreams was a

How Are Alumni Doing: Compensation, Work-Life Balance, And More | InsideIIM Recruitment Survey 2018

Some of the major reasons why anyone pursues an MBA include the growth prospects and the jump in compensation. Like any other professional degree, an MBA offers you a job