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Your Past Academic Record Decide Which Companies You’ll Get In, Ft. Shrey (Barclays), Nandini (KPMG)

In this Konversations Cafe Delhi video, we have two alumni members of BML Munjal University, Shrey Mehta and Nandini.

Salary in Consulting Post Career Switch, Life After MBA, Choosing the Right Course | Years Apart

Hey there! Ever wondered what happens when two MBA graduates with almost a decade apart career differences cross paths? well, you’re in for a treat in today’s video of 'Years

Plaksha's TLP Placement 2022: Highest Salary Touches 41 Lakhs

Plaksha University is a young and dynamic institution that is reimagining technology education for the modern era. It prides itself on its interdisciplinary approach to learning and its focus on

Why I Quit TCS For A Different Brand, Ft. Aiman Fatima, Merilytics, IMT H Alum

Aiman Fatima, an alumni member of IMT Hyderabad, who was part of the initial batches of the institute, comes back to re-collect her journey in this video. She talks about

How This IMT Nagpur Alum Got Into JP Morgan Chase & Co. ft. Anupama Victor

Anupama Victor, was part of the 2017 Cohort of PGDM - Finance & Human Resources at IMT Nagpur, but just like most other fresh MBA grads, had little clue of

The First Job After B-school Isn’t Going To Define You For Life, Ft. Sidharth S & Kumar S,IMT G Alum

We have all heard about the much-talked-about Alumni meets in B-schools. But, what if we bring them under one roof and document their experience and journey for you to see!

How A Legacy B-School Creates Leaders, Ft. KJSIM Alumni

The world has witnessed ever so many revolutions, but a revolution that sparks countless others is hard to come by. One such revolution was the establishment of Somaiya Vidyavihar University.Founded

How KJ Somaiya Institute of Management Brings Its 10,000+ Alumni Base Together

Any great Institution is only as strong as the community around it, and the backbone of the Institute's community is its Alumni. At K J Somaiya Institute of Management, Mumbai,