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How I Went Against Societal Norms To Get Into A B-School | Talat Khanam |

Belonging to a family, living in a conservative Muslim community, Talat Khanam was told to hide behind Burqa from her childhood. Pursuing higher education to achieve her dreams was a

How Are Alumni Doing: Compensation, Work-Life Balance, And More | InsideIIM Recruitment Survey 2018

Some of the major reasons why anyone pursues an MBA include the growth prospects and the jump in compensation. Like any other professional degree, an MBA offers you a job

National Alumni Meet 18’ | IMI New Delhi

International Management Institute hosted the National Alumni Meet, 2018, on 1st December 2018, Saturday, on the institute campus located in Qutub Institutional Area, New Delhi. It was a moment of

An Author’s Anecdote: IIM Alumnus’ Journey As A Writer

While daytime finds him donning the cap of a management professional, spending hours in the corporate on a daily basis, it is in the night, when the writer in him

So You Think You Can Sell - Sales 101

Everyone knows this scene from The Wolf of Wall Street: Jordan Belfort to his salesmen ‘Sell me this pen.’ The salesman ‘Do me a favour. Put your name down on

Life After SPJIMR - Stories From Alumni

In an era where the importance of possessing managerial expertise is perceived to be sky high, Business Schools have emerged to be the pilots flying raw talent up to those

A Day In The Life Of A CEO - The Land Of Opportunities - SPJIMR

What does a CEO really do in a typical day at the office? Is it every bit of glamorous as it looks? What are the qualities that are needed to

That’s How Business Is Done!

Generating new forward-looking ideas for the U.S. Wealth Management industry was an enriching experience on industry scan, concept formulations, and development of use-cases. I have now moved onto my 2nd