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How I Got Into BMW - Deeksha Bhale, IIFT Delhi

Cracking and landing an internship during summer placements is what every student aims for. However, the hard work and dedication it requires to get one isn’t a piece of cake.

What Will Be The Image of 'Made in India' - Views From Prabhakar

The Make in India week from 13th-18th February in Mumbai, inaugurated by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a good time to ask some deep and piercing questions about  what

BMW and Uber's Strategic Alliance - Strategy With RS

BMW is introducing, on 24th October’15, at its dealership in USA, its all-new Series 7, which is a mellifluous blend of luxury & technology.

A Brand Is Not Enough. Create a Cool Brand

Time and tide wait for none. And when brands renege on keeping up with changing times, they lose relevance and fade into oblivion—gradually, then suddenly, to paraphrase Earnest Hemmingway.