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Evolution Of Cricket And Marketing - A Parity

Cricket has experienced numerous rounds of development in the course of the most recent quite a few years. It began with only one format – Test Cricket. Excellence during this

Yet Another Surprise Awaited! | #MBAIITKanpur

M.S. Dhoni has had many surprises for Indian fans throughout his career right from 2004 till present date. Undoubtedly he has been the spine for Indian cricket for over a

Five Management Lessons From ICC World Cup 2019 Final

We live in a country where the child learns the rules of cricket before learning the alphabets. While our dream ended with India’s exit from the world cup, cricket had

Few life lessons from India vs New Zealand Semi-final

Being an ardent fan of cricket and coming from the country where cricket is considered to be a religion, it is hard to digest the fact that India won’t be

If IPL Teams Were IIM Students

It is the month of April and the IPL is back with a bang. Will CSK win it again this time or will Delhi Capitals spring a surprise? Doesn’t matter;

What Can Future Executives Learn From Adam Gilchrist?

I have been a crazy fan of the game of Cricket since my childhood. Encouraged by my father who introduced me to the game, many instances in the game have

Business Lessons From India’s 3-0 Sweep Of Cricket Test Series against Sri Lanka - Strategy With RS

India crushed Sri Lanka 3 - 0. This is the 1st time that an Indian Cricket Team has achieved this feat overseas.

Why MBA Is Like T20 Cricket

MBA like T20 cricket can be a glitz-edged invitation to innovate and improve. The pre eminence of the shortest format in cricket is no surprise, it yields results where the