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Decoding CAT-DILR 99.50+ %ile Strategy In First Attempt

“Journey of thousand miles begins with a single step – Lao Tzu”Cracking the toughest yet unpredictable section of the CAT Exam -The Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning with a 99%ile+

CAT 2021 DILR (Slot 1) - Solved | Detailed Solutions & Strategy | Ft. Keshav K., 99.95%iler

With CAT 2022 just 4 months away, aspirants are looking for the best strategies to fine-tune mock taking and what better than learning the same from a 99.9+%iler! To help

An Arts Student's CAT Strategy, Journey To IIM A, Ft. Parul Gupta

Parul Gupta, a Psychology student from Delhi University, decided to pursue an MBA. As a fresher, studying at DU, Parul wrote CAT in 2018 for the first time, scoring a

6 Must-Read Resources To Tackle DILR In CAT 2020 | Ft. Amrita Mishra, IIM Calcutta '22

DILR has always been a tricky section. It is "The Game Changer". Often people are confused about which caselets to solve, how much time should one invest in each caselet,

6 Crucial Tips To Score 99+ Percentile In DI-LR Of CAT 2020 | CAT Tips From Toppers

For many aspirants, DILR is still a tough nut to crack. DILR questions are highly unpredictable and confusing. Are you someone who is struggling to find ways to navigate through