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"I Am Not Interested In Talking To This Candidate" - My Life-changing IIM-B Interview Experience

Like every MBA aspirant, I had spent months prepping for CAT and interviews. Despite all my preparation, my interview experience at IIM Bangalore was quite different from what I expected.

How I Cracked My IIM Interviews | Trishna Nair, IIM B (2020-22)

I am Trishna Nair, a 2018 graduate from IIT Madras. I will be joining IIM Bangalore this year. I also have admits from IIM Calcutta and ISB (through the Early

How Online B-School Interviews Can Affect Your Admission | In The Midst Of CoVID19

B-Schools all over the world, including India, are racing to adapt their program and admission processes amidst the CoVID 19 pandemic. While some business schools have shut their doors, for

Coronavirus (CoVID 19) And Its Global Economic Impact | Part 2

This is the second part of the Corona Virus And Its Impact On Global Economy. If you wish to read the first part, you should click here.

28 GD Topics To Crack Your FMS And MDI Interviews

‍Group Discussions are an important aspect of the FMS and MDI Gurgaon selection process. If you want to convert your call into a shortlist, one of the best things you

Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad Resigns From Office - Here's What Led To It | Current Affairs Alert

Interview season is still on and the world continues to churn out current-affair issues every other day. You wake up every morning, pick up a newspaper, scan through the international

What's Wrong With Yes Bank? | Current Affairs Alert

Recently, Yes Bank, India’s fifth-largest private bank, has entered a state of crisis. The RBI has suspended Yes Bank’s board of directors and has also replaced the CEO with a

The Economic Impact of India Being Declared A 'Developed Nation' | Important GD-PI-WAT Topic

While the interview processes for various business schools may be different, what interview panels are looking for in a candidate is nearly identical - academic prowess, high EQ, and strong