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How To Get Into ISB | Pointers By Abhilaksh Sharma, VIT and ISB Alum

Getting into the prestigious ISB is not just anyone’s cup of tea. According to Abhilaksh Sharma (VIT pass out and ISB Alum), “ISB looks for confident and jugaadu people who

5 Predictions About MBA And MBA Abroad After Coronavirus

A month into lockdown, and it's clear that the COVID-19 pandemic is not one to be taken lightly. While there is an immediate health and safety concern, there are a

GMAC Are 'Deluded', Say Test Takers After GMAC Announces 7 Major Changes To The GMAT

One of the biggest fears of GMAT test-takers was the cancellation of the exam due to the Coronavirus lock down - a fear which was mitigated by GMAC as the

How I Scored 330 In The GRE In My First Attempt | Ft. Akram Khan

Akram Tariq Khan, a current student at XLRI, had scored 330/340 in the GRE in his first attempt. We had a quick chat with him where he told us how

Important COVID-19 Update - You Can Now Take The GMAT And GRE Online At Home

The global lock down on account of COVID-19 has made GRE and GMAT test takers across the world anxious, with most expecting the exams to be cancelled. However GMAC and

What Is The Unscored Experimental Section On The GRE?

Planning on studying abroad? GRE is certainly on your list of exams to take to ensure that you can get into a good university. However, GRE has something that is

Tips To Crack Quantitative Analysis In GRE | Quant In GRE

Planning on studying abroad? GRE is probably on your list of exams to crack if you want to get into a good university or b school. So far in this

Tips To Crack Verbal Reasoning In GRE | Verbal In GRE

Planning on studying abroad? GRE is perhaps already on your list of exams to take. GRE isn’t just for b schools, but for an array of postgraduate degrees. So far