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Guesstimate Challenge | Crack Your Dream Career With Top Consulting Firms!

“Consulting Guesstimate - Estimate the number of orders delivered by Zomato per hour.”

Acing Guesstimates: The Elephant In The Room

Guesstimates such as How much money does a McDonald's store in Delhi make every day? are some of the most nerve-wracking interview questions you'll ever encounter. They can appear so

How To Solve Guesstimate Questions In Your Interviews - InsideIIM Placement Prep Series

Guesstimates – Ideally an alien word for majority of students trying to enter the B-School world.One would stop and ask, what exactly is a guesstimate?

Cracking GD-PI, Guesstimates, CAT | Top 10 Most Read Articles On InsideIIM Ft. IIM A, L, MDI

Our List of Top 10s today is all about the most read articles and stories contributed by students on InsideIIM. If you're planning to join a b-school in 2021, this

Guesstimate Questions To Practice For Summer Placements

Expecting big names on the recruiter list in your college this year? Do you want to intern at big consulting firms or as a product management intern at consumer internet

How To Crack Guesstimates Questions In An Interview

If you're in a B-School and are appearing for your Summer Placement Interviews or Final Interviews, Guesstimates play an important part in any consulting or analytics interview. It gives the

Interesting Summer Interview Questions Asked By Management Consulting Firms

How many medium size pan tossed pizza are sold in Mumbai on Sunday?How much money will be paid by Star network for per ball bowled in IPL 2018?It is raining

Cracking Consulting Interviews - How To Approach Guesstimate Questions

Guesstimates are an important part of any Consulting Interview. The whole point of these questions is to give the interviewer a peek into your thinking process and problem solving abilities.