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Convert IIM Shortlist Calls Into Seats | Tips From IIM BLACKI Students & Alum

Getting a shortlist call from the old IIMs (also known as BLACKI), is a big deal. So, it is obvious that all of you who are shortlisted for the GD-PI-WAT

Pre-Interview Preparation Guide By IIM L Student - Decoding The IIM Selection Process

Unlike my last article, this will be more informative. Still, I shall try to keep this an engaging one. Happy reading!!:)

Minimum CAT Score Required To Get Into IIMs Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Lucknow, Indore, Kozhikode

CAT exam 2019 results have been declared!. But this is not the end. The race has just begun. All aspirants (including you) want to score the golden seat of IIMs?

What To Do If Your CAT Percentile Falls Between 75%ile - 85%ile

CAT 2019 results will tentatively be released in the second week of January 2020 by IIM Kozhikode. Getting an exceptional CAT score is the first big step in securing a

IIM Calcutta : An Experience To Look Forward To

There comes a time in your life when you are confused about what you are doing. About how the effort vector is not adding up in the right direction. You

The Dirty And Secretive Placements Saga At An IIM

If you ask any B-school aspirant, what he would never want to do in his life, he would probably say ‘sit for placements.’ The placement season is extremely hectic and

Types of People At An IIM - Which Category Do You Belong To?

Are you a geeky hero/heroine or a freebie amigo at your B-School? Which category do you belong to?