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I Received “Above and Beyond” Award From GE Power - Abhishek Sheth InsideIIM’s Best 50

We're often faced with dilemmas that seem too hard. How do you make a tough choice? Personal responsibilities or professional? Today, we bring you an individual who had to choose

Is IIMs' Autonomy Under Doubt?, & IIM-C's New MBA Batch To Attend Classes Online | MBA News Ep. 10

What's happening in the world of MBA? What are the latest headlines from the IIMs? What is the situation of layoffs in India due to the crisis? How are business

IIM Nagpur Hosts Virtual Sessions By Domain Experts, Augmenting Classroom Learning

As educational institutions face an unprecedented challenge in the form of the COVID-19 outbreak, particularly one that presents considerable obstacles to classroom learning, the IIM Nagpur Board of Governors proactively

COVID 19: Placements, Digitalization And Career

Now, as there is some certainty over the lifting of lockdowns, there are many unanswered questions. When will my college resume? How will placements be affected? Should I stick to

Impact Of COVID 19 On MBA Students

In the past few months, from sharing memes on COVID 19 to the time it instilled fear in my heart when I saw empty roads and public places, I think

My Life At IIM Nagpur: Two Tradeoffs I Made

                       ‘The bird who dares to fall is the bird who learns to fly.’Since the last year, I was trying

A Year AT IIM Nagpur | A Journey Full Of Learning And Experiences

All CAT aspirants have one thing in common; they are energetic, encouraged, and they dream of getting into one of the Premier Management Institutes in India.

Hands On Industry Experience Before Summer Internship |FIM Experience At IIM Nagpur

Field Immersion Module at IIMN is a 3-week long program that allows PGP students to get first-hand experience of how small and medium scale enterprise functions before getting exposed to