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IIM Nagpur

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Analyzing Placements At Baby IIMs - Are These Institutes Worth Joining?

The IIM brand is one of the strongest brands in the corporate world, and students graduating from these institutes are usually the creme de la creme of India's talent pool.

My Experience Of Becoming Student's Affair Council President - IIM Nagpur

If I am asked what IIM Nagpur has given me, apart from the quality education and lifelong memories to cherish, I would feel elated to mention about the platform that

My Journey From CAT To “IIM Nagpur” – A Journey Of Perseverance

MBA is one of the most sought-after career options in this era. After having graduated with an engineering degree and having worked in TCS for two years, I, too, thought

Unlearning & Learning Everyday - Life At IIM Nagpur

My very first learning during my first month at IIM Nagpur has been“Live one day at a time, keeping the bigger picture in mind.”

A New Platform To Learn - Guest Sessions

Preparing for CAT and still in a dilemma about a lot of stuff? Then this post is for you!

How I Converted The IIM Nagpur Interview - IIM Interview Experience

In the last week of April 2019, the temperature was well above the forties. Lakes had dried up and so had my aspirations of getting into a decent B-school. That

A Dream Of 'Living' Life At IIM Nagpur

Not so long ago, while I was busy with my responsibilities as a government employee, I was re-ignited with the desire of working on my career growth.  I took unpaid