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Despite Pandemic, New IIMs Report Increase In Median Salaries For MBA Batch

Now that placements at most leading business schools have concluded, data from the placement reports has revealed exactly how much the pandemic has affected recruitment. Institutes that, in 2020, showed

Section 377 Being Scrapped, Its Positive Effect And How Far We Yet Have To Go!

On 6th September 2018, the Delhi High Court made a historic decision by scrapping Section 377 and stating it as unconstitutional. A long fight started by Naz foundation in 2001

A Ray Of Hope For The Unseen - India's LGBTQ+

The 6th of September, 2018, probably the day when each and every Indian realized true freedom. The freedom to be who you are and express yourself. It was the day

Dilution Of Section 377

On this day I would like to voice my opinion on dilution of section 377 of the Indian constitution by Delhi high court. It is one of the most dividing


Decriminalizing Article 377

Dilution Of Article 377, Will We See A New Indian Outlook?

Article 377, was a law drafted during the 19th century British rule, which in broad terms, covered a wide range of "Unnatural Sexual activities". Apart from non consensual sex and