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Don't Invest In Things You Don't Understand, Ft. Sandeep Das, IIM Bangalore, INSEAD, PwC

The writer of the best seller, “Hacks for Life and Career - A Millennial’s Guide to making it BIG”, Sandeep Das who is also a Consultant having 13 years experience

I Had Offers From Mckinsey & BCG In New York. I Thought I Didn’t Belong - Riya Chhabra, Mckinsey

Continuing her talk with us, Riya Chhabra tells us about her b school experience at INSEAD. She talks of how she felt like she didn’t belong, and the apprehensions she

Why I Left JP Morgan Chase For A Lesser Known Company | Riya Chhabra, McKinsey, INSEAD Alum

Riya Chhabra has a very unusual career journey, which begins with her choosing BA over the other streams, because she was interested in advertising and journalism. From a BA from

How 3 INSEAD Alums Built The Uber Of Private Medical Transport, Ft. Antoine P, CoFounder-StanPlus

A graduate from INSEAD, An engineer with 6+ years of relevant work experience managing projects across the globe, a budding consultant, Antoine Poirson chose India to be home to his

Why I Chose INSEAD Over IIMs Ft. Antoine P, Consultant, Entrepreneur

Imagine graduating from ParisTech as a mechanical engineer, and deciding to actually explore an engineering career. That's what our guest in today's video, Antoine Poirson, Partner at Antler, Co-Founder at

Why I Left McKinsey For Facebook Ft. Kaushik S, Global Lead PM Facebook

In this last part of Kaushik’s interview, he tells us of his latest stint, which is at #Facebook. Conventional wisdom is that people who enter #McKinsey don’t leave. Yet, Kaushik

I Was Looking For Champagne, Got A Job With McKinsey Instead Ft. Kaushik S, INSEAD Alum

After scoring a 730 in GMAT, Kaushik moved onto the next stage, which was the selection process. To identify which b schools he would be a good fit in, he

I Wanted To Quit My First Job Within 10 Days Of Joining, Ft. Kaushik S, GMAT 730, INSEAD Alum

Kaushik Subramanian was placed in L'Oreal, one of the highly coveted companies recruiting at MICA. He had a good run there, getting the opportunity to work on some very memorable