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InsideIIM Recruitment Survey 2017

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Which Are The Most Preferred Banking & Finance Campus Recruiters? – InsideIIM Recruitment Survey 2017

Who are the most sought after Banking and Finance recruiters of 2017? How do they fare this year as compared to last year's report? What is the Brand Perception of these

McKinsey, BCG And Bain& Co. Maintain Their Stronghold At The Top - Most Desirable Consulting Recruiters

For this report of the InsideIIM Recruitment Survey of 2017, a survey was conducted where over 900 Post - MBA Professionals, Current Students and Aspirants (who are InsideIIM Users) were

HUL Pips Tech Giants To Stay No.1 Among Most Desirable Sales & Marketing Campus Recruiters - InsideIIM Recruitment Survey 2017

Which are the most desirable companies offering Sales & Marketing Roles on B-School Campuses of India?  Which FMCG companies were the most desired companies in 2017-18?

Google, Apple, Facebook Are The Most Desired Technology Companies On Indian B-School Campuses

Which Are The Most Preferred Technology, Telecom And Analytics Campus Recruiters? – InsideIIM Recruitment Survey 2018

Which Are The Most Preferred General Management Campus Recruiters? - InsideIIM Recruitment Survey 2017

Aditya Birla Group (ABG), Tata Administrative Servies (TAS), Mahindra and General Electric (GE) have been ranked consistently in the top 10 of our previous years' reports on the most preferred

How Can Campus Recruiters Make The Hiring Process Better? - InsideIIM Recruitment Survey 2017

Another year where students feel that there is a lot that the companies can do to make the hiring process easier and better. Eventually, it all comes down to the fault

How Are Alumni Doing – Job Satisfaction, Work Life Balance And More – InsideIIM Recruitment Survey 2017

InsideIIM conducts Recruitment Surveys every year, which consist of various reports that paint a clear picture of what an MBA is all about. From b-school fees to Company Profiles, the

What Is The Reasonable All-Inclusive Cost Of Doing An MBA? - InsideIIM Recruitment Survey 2017

Did you know in 2007 you could do an MBA from an IIM for just Rs 2 Lakhs? Do you know the fees for IIM Ahmedabad in 2018 is close