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Konversations in Quarantine

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Why E-Commerce Marketing Is The Next Big Thing Ft. Urvi Ved, Kohler, ex-ITC, ex-Mondelez, IIM-I Alum

2020 was something which the world was not prepared for. It caught us off guard & made us rethink everything in our lifestyles. The business world learned quite a few lessons

This Side Of Consulting Is Not Visible During Placements Ft. Sandeep Das, Director, PwC, IIM B Alum

Is it possible to be one of the best in the field of strategy consulting while being a bestselling author and one of India’s most celebrated columnists? It sure seems

3 Things To Make it Big in America | From US Military To Becoming A CEO Ft. Dr. Ram P. Ramcharran

The courage to reinvent oneself, over and over again, is a trait of a very few founders, which differentiates them from being excellent to exceptional. Dr. Ram P. Ramcharran is

As An Entrepreneur, There Was A Point When I Felt Like Quitting Every Day, Ft. Harpreet Singh Grover

There are a rare few leaders in the world who possess the courage of taking an unconventional route, being persistent through it, and making their vision a reality, even fewer

As An Investment Banker At Goldman Sachs, I Felt I Was Not Solving Problems, Ft. Preethi K, Ex a16z

Imagine a career trajectory where you start your journey as an investment banker at one of the most coveted companies like Goldman Sachs and then decide to opt for a

How To Use Twitter To Get A Job Ft. Ryan Reeves, CEO, Investing City

Investments are some of the most important things in an individual’s life. Everyone talks about making good investments, but how much do you really understand about investing? To discuss investments,

Why I Left My Steady Corporate Job To Tutor Students Ft. Parag Chitale, MBA Prep Tutor, JBIMS Alum

There must have been numerous times when you felt a brilliant startup idea had just flashed like lightning in your mind. Yes, it is exactly like a lightening; bright, powerful,

From An Unknown B School To Founding Terribly Tiny Tales Ft. Anuj Gosalia, CEO, TTT

Not all successful founders are from the prestigious B-schools. Some start their journey from little to completely unknown institutes and some don’t even get closer to the management school gates.