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Top 8 TED Talk Videos You Must Watch During The Lockdown

The lockdown has hit a lot of us hard. With the number of COVID-19 cases continuously rising, and a lockdown that seems to never end, many of us are feeling

The Best Management Blogs To Read During The Lockdown

COVID-19 is no more a disease that affects the human respiratory system. The effects of the disease have also started showing its impact on the economic and industrial domain. Even

Top 10 TED Talks Which Are A Must Watch For Every HR Aspirant

TED Talks have become a household name today. It is a great platform where people from all over the world share great learnings and ideas and insights from their lives.

Commoditization Of Brands - Challenges And Responses

Packaged water - Kinley, Bisleri and Aquafina

5 Uniquely Designed MBA Electives Offered At IIM Lucknow

We usually associate courses in B-schools to theoretical concepts but is that all they have to offer? Or there is more to it?

Evolution Of Cricket And Marketing - A Parity

Cricket has experienced numerous rounds of development in the course of the most recent quite a few years. It began with only one format – Test Cricket. Excellence during this

The Ultimate First Job Guide - Trailer - Konversations

The world is full of bad advice - for instance, see what advice a young fresher gets in this video! But if you are serious about making it big in