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Life at IIM Shillong

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Rub Of The Green: My Experience At IIM Shillong | Ft. Vani Vivek, Alumna, IIM Shillong

I arrived at IIM Shillong starry-eyed and ambitious, and learned the first invaluable MBA lesson on my first day itself- Don’t look back! The moniker ‘Campus in Clouds’ is often

One Year In IIM Shillong | Ft. Pankaj Ranjan, IIM Shillong

The incredible journey of an MBA does not start on the first day of college. It begins with the idea of going for a degree and ending with finally getting

Running A Food Stall In An IIM Ft. Vinushree Jain, IIM Shillong

Everyone says that extracurriculars help you put your classroom learnings to good use. What exactly do they mean? Case Study Competitions and Internships have been spoken about at length, but

IIM Shillong: Campus Life, Placements, Fees, Admission Criteria, And More | Know Your Campus

Situated in the “Scotland of the East”, IIM Shillong has one of the most beautiful campuses around the country. With top companies like Deloitte, JP Morgan Chase, Accenture, Bain and

The Bittersweet Feeling - The End Of Year 1

As I write this, barely a week is left for the IIIrd Term to end, which marks the end of my Ist year of MBA. To say that it has

My Journey So Far In IIM Shillong (Newest Among The Old And Oldest Among The New)

It has been only 45 days since I joined campus, but I am already in love with its greenery and architecture. But the most disheartening fact about any IIM is

The Ethical Manager

My last evaluative moral lesson was when I was 13 and had to write an incident that described the importance of values. I had chosen the Eklavya incident and earned