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A Marketing Manager's Journey To Amazon Prime, Seattle, USA | Ft. Pallavi Mishra, SCMHRD Alumni

Working in one of the FANG (Facebook Amazon Netflix Google) companies is the dream of every aspiring marketer who is studying Marketing in B-school. In today’s article, we bring you

From SIBM To A PPO In ITC To A National Modern Trade Manager At RB | Story of Dhruv Anand

In the last year of MBA degree, there is lot of emphasis on career - where to work, what to do? How does one make this decision? Finding answers to

How To Build A Career In Marketing | Ft. Former VP At Zycus

Do you want to create a career in marketing? If yes, you need to know details about a marketeers' role and responsibilities. And there is no better person to tell

Making Of MICANVAS - India's Biggest Marketing Festival

Events. Fun. Prizes. Excitement. Competition. Games. Meeting new people. Music. Food. Euphoria. 

Know Your Marketing Concepts? Prove It | Learning IRL By ABGLP

Do you eat, sleep and drink marketing? Do you enjoy analysing campaigns? Do you love building go to market strategies? Do you get excited about market research, segmentation and targeting?

The Best MBA Institutes In India For Marketing

Sales and Marketing is one of the most popular and sought-after domains at MBA institutes. At some of India's top management institutes, at least 1 in 5 students opts for

Marketing As A Specialization: All You Need To Know

All You Need to Know About Marketing Major:

Cultural Sensitivity Can Make Or Break Your Brand - Gourav Sinha, Sr Product Marketing Manager, Adobe

From B2B marketing to international marketing, Gourav has experienced different shades of marketing while working at 3M, Avaya and Adobe. As a marketer, you have to be aware of the